Andrew Cuomo

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East Williamsburg »

Residents seeking Loft Coverage are asking the Governor to take up the matter in special session.

Long Island City »

State Sen. Gianaris is pushing lawmakers to keep working through summer until the MTA is funded.

West Harlem »

The "summer of hell" hasn't yet begun, but MTA riders are already giving the governor hell.

Midtown »

The governor said the city should match the state in funding to fix subway service.  

Fort Wadsworth »

Construction on the new HOV lane didn't finish in time and actually made things worse than usual.

Financial District »

Lhota will once again lead the agency, which needs $3 billion to upgrade its subways, a report says.

Financial District »

MTA head Veronique Hakim apologized for miserable subway service.

Rosebank »

The historic designation was updated to recognize the photographer's place in LGBT history.

Civic Center »

"...we're taking every conceivable step to prepare for Amtrak's summer of hell," Gov. Cuomo said.

Long Island City »

The Excelsior Scholarship is now accepting applications from families earning up to $100,000 a year.

South Beach »

Gov. Andrew Cuomo allocated $151 million for the seawall expected to be completed in 2022.

Civic Center »

Police were dispatched to high-profile locations across New York after the bombing, officials said.

Midtown »

The governor also called on Amtrak to step aside and let another entity operate the transit hub.

Hamilton Heights »

The school building has since been converted to affordable housing units.