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Jamaica »

The project is expected to create 3,700 jobs. 

Civic Center »

Mayor Bill de Blasio received hundreds of gifts during his first year in office. Here's the entire list.

Clinton Hill »

The wake and funeral will take place at the Emmanuel Baptist Church on Friday and Saturday. 

Crown Heights »

Carey Gabay died on Wednesday after being shot in the head before the West Indian Day Parade last week.

Midtown »

Voters say the ongoing feud between the two leaders is hurting New Yorkers.

Crown Heights »

Carey Gabay died Wednesday after a gang-related shooting left him in a coma, officials said.

New Dorp Beach »

HUD announced it would not require the repayment of "duplicate" benefits for most Sandy victims.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Vice President Joseph Biden said the increase was about "dignity."

Crown Heights »

Carey Gabay is in a coma after being shot in the head early on Labor Day morning.

Crown Heights »

Police Commissioner Bill Bratton said he's confident the case will be solved.

Crown Heights »

Carey Gabay was shot in the head hours before the West Indian Day Parade, police said.

Crown Heights »

Carey Gabay, 43, is in critical condition after being shot early Monday, officials said.

Willowbrook »

The HOV/bus lane runs between the Victory Boulevard exit and the Verrazano Bridge.

Greenwich Village »

Housing and homeless advocates and the de Blasio administration said the real problem is the state.

Greenwich Village »

The governor touted changes in state law to protect victims and make crimes easier to report at NYU.