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Central Harlem »

Viral 'Harlem Shake' Videos Get No Love on 125th Street

A web producer from New Jersey talked to people on 125th Street who strongly dislike the viral sensation.

Jackson Heights »

Bengali Meme Group Puts Desi Twist on Harlem Shake in Jackson Heights

Bengali Memes organized a Harlem Shake-off in Jackson Heights Monday.

Washington Heights »

Harlem Shake Shimmies Uptown

Two videos, uploaded over the weekend, show that not even northern Manhattan is immune to the viral hit.

Graniteville »

Staten Island's P.S. 22 Chorus Performs at Presidential Inauguration

The Graniteville chorus was scheduled to sing four songs at President Barack Obama's inauguration.

Downtown »

OWS Protester Files Lawsuit Against NYPD Officer Who Allegedly Punched Him

Felix Rivera-Pitre claims he was hit repeatedly by Deputy Inspector Johnny Cardona during a 2011 protest.

Fordham »

The Killers Team Up with Werner Herzog to Stream Live from The Bronx

The band and the acclaimed director team up for the "American Express Unstaged" series.

Midtown »

'Gangnam Style' Viral Video Superstar Psy to Play Free Concert in Midtown

South Korean pop star Psy will perform for the TODAY show at Rockefeller Center Friday morning.

Times Square & Theater District »

VIDEO: 'Crutch Battle' in Times Square

A video shows two men engaging in a battle using crutches as weapons.

Flatbush »

Band Pens Love Song to Pink-Loving Candidate Mindy Meyer

I’d "let you give me a stop-and-frisk any day," sing The Groggers in their new video.

Williamsburg »

'Brothers Green' Host Cooking Show in Brooklyn Apartment

Mike and Josh Greenfield's show on the new Hungry Youtube channel is filmed in their apartment.

Manhattan »

Jeremy Lin Gets Viral Video Valentine From New York Crush

A New York woman posted a Valentine's Day tribute song on YouTube to Knicks star Jeremy Lin.

Washington Heights & Inwood »

Inwood Ukulele Performer Wows Straphangers En Route to Viral Video Stardom

Inwood resident Jessica Latshaw's impromptu A train performance has more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Midtown & Theater District »

Facebook to Make Manhattan Announcement as YouTube Unveils Redesign

Tech giants Facebook and YouTube are making big changes to their hugely popular websites.

Midtown & Theater District »

'West Side Story' Flash Mob Takes Over Times Square

Incognito Jets and Sharks spontaneously burst into dance to the music of "West Side Story" during a Times Square flash mob Friday.

Washington Heights & Inwood »

Rap Spoof 'Dominis in the Heights' Celebrates Cheap Dates

The duo behind the viral hit "Pan Con Queso" is back with a spoof of a Kanye West and Jay-Z song.