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Pilot Study Finds One-in-Five Teachers Are 'Ineffective,' Report Says

A top DOE official revealed one-in-five teachers were rated "ineffective" under a pilot program for the city's new teacher evaulation system, Crain's reported.

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Computer Glitch Delays City Budget Vote

The City Council will now vote on the austere 2012 budget and its deep cuts Wednesday morning.

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Teacher Layoffs Averted, Fire Companies Saved in City Budget Deal

About 1,000 city workers will still be laid off under the budget plan, set to be approved by the City Council Tuesday.

Chelsea & Hell's Kitchen »

P.S. 51 Parents and Teachers Unite Against Proposed School Split

A crowd rallied outside P.S. 51 in Hell's Kitchen Wednesday to protest the Department of Education's proposal.

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Teachers Union Announces Lawsuit to Halt School Closures

Last year the union was successful in halting the shuttering of 19 schools the city tried to close for poor performance.

Harlem »

Teachers at Harlem Charter School Look to Unionize

Workers at Opportunity Charter School in Harlem are seeking representation by the United Federation of Teachers.

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Bloomberg's Approval Rating Struggles Despite Dumping Cathie Black

78 percent of Manhattan public school parents polled said they don't like the way Mayor Bloomberg is handling city schools.

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Mayor Bloomberg Holds Firm on Teacher Layoffs, FDNY Cuts

The mayor's executive budget for the coming year includes the elimination of more than 6,000 teachers.

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Incoming Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott Begins Day by Walking to School

Newly appointed Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott began his first day on the job by walking his grandson to school.

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Parents Say Teacher Layoffs will Spell 'Disaster' for Already-Crowded Schools

Parents say their voices have been lost in the battle between the teacher's union and the mayor.

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Bloomberg, Cuomo Clash Over Teacher Layoff Plans

Bloomberg is urging the state to repeal its seniority-based 'Last in, first out' policy ahead of layoffs.

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Cuomo Proposes New Teacher Firing Plan as State Senate Votes to End 'Last In, First Out'

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has urged the state to repeal the seniority-based firing policy ahead of major teacher layoffs.

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Lower East Side, East Village Schools Bracing for Heavy Teacher Layoffs

The majority of schools in District 1 could face major layoffs under the city's proposed teacher firings.

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Bloomberg Announces Deep Cuts to Schools, Daycare to Balance Budget

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is seeking to lay off 4,666 teachers and lose another 1,500 through attrition.

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Bloomberg Pleads with Albany to Restore Budget

Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned of thousands of city layoffs if the budget proposed by Gov. Cuomo is passed.