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Upper West Side »

Thief Steals $2,700 in Clothing From Kids Shop Wyatt Lily, Police Say

The suspect stole merchandise from the Columbus Avenue boutique, police said.

Upper West Side »

Man Arrested for Trying to Steal $1,900 Laptop from Apple Store, Police Say

A 21-year-old man tried to swipe a computer from the Broadway store, police said.

Upper West Side »

Thieves Steal $1,400 Worth of Medicine From Duane Reade, Police Say

Two thieves swiped Aleve, Motrin and Claritin from the drugstore on Columbus Avenue, police said.

SoHo »

Two Pairs of Glasses Worth $3,100 Stolen From SoHo Shop Ilori, Police Say

Two Chrome Hearts brand of glasses were shoplifted from the Spring Street store.

Midtown »

Teen Mom Planned to Go to IHOP After Killing Her Newborn, Prosecutors Say

Prosecutors said it was the second baby Tiona Rodriguez, 18, had attempted to dispose of. 

SoHo »

$450 iPhone Case, $950 Handbag Swiped From SoHo Fendi Store

A shoplifter swiped the goods, then fled the shop, police said.

SoHo »

Shoplifters Steal $23,650 in Handbags From SoHo Boutique Celine, Police Say

Four men grabbed the bags, shoved a guard to the ground, then took off, police said.

Upper West Side »

Thief Steals $1,200 in Women's Tops from American Apparel, Police Say

The suspect swiped shirts from a display table, police said. 

Upper West Side »

Shoplifters Target Duane Reade Stores on Upper West Side, Police Say

Two sets of thieves stole White Strips and Rogaine from local Duane Reade stores, police said.

TriBeCa »

15 Men Shoplift $34K of Designer Clothes in 20 Seconds, Police Say

The men grabbed about 20 items from the boutique Patron of the New, then ran out.

New Springville »

Police Find Heroin in Shoplifter's Bra, Prosecutors Say

Jennifer Regan, 40, was arrested for shoplifting at Sears on Staten Island, prosecutors said.

Upper West Side »

Thief Swipes $2K in Advil and Nexium from UWS Drugstore

The suspect stole over-the-counter medications from a Duane Reade this weekend, police said.

Upper West Side »

Thieves Arrested for Shoplifting at Century 21

The thieves hit the store at 1972 Broadway near closing time, police said.

Upper West Side »

Shoplifter Gets Cold Feet Trying to Steal $1,160 in North Face Jackets

The would-be thief dropped the jackets when a store employee spotted him, police said.

Midtown »

FDNY Firefighter Arrested for Shoplifting from a Home Depot, Police Say

David Rodriguez stole a drill from a Midtown Home Depot, police said.