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Astoria »

Your Subway Ride is Going to Cost More After This Weekend as Fares Rise

Single subway rides will bump up to $2.75 and  an unlimited monthly pass will cost $116.50.

Midtown »

SURVEY: How Will the MTA Fare Hikes Affect You?

Tell us your thoughts on the new fare hikes, and how they will impact your monthly budget, if at all.

Midtown »

Your Subway Ride Will Get More Expensive After MTA Hikes Fares

The base fare for a subway and bus ride will be $2.75; a monthly MetroCard will be $116.50.

TriBeCa »

MTA to Hike Transit Costs 4 Percent in 2015 and 2017

The MTA said it will increase fares in 2015 and 2017 by 4 percent, not the projected 7 percent.

New York City »

MTA Fares Jump on Sunday

The latest round of fare and toll hikes kicked in Sunday.

New York City »

MTA Votes to Hike Fares and Tolls Again

Single rides will cost straphangers $2.50 and weekly MetroCards will cost $112 come March.

New York City »

Lhota Recommends Hiking Bus, Subway Fare to $2.50

MTA Chair Joe Lhota wants to see the base fare for subways and buses go up.

New York City »

MTA Fare Hikes Could Raise 30-Day Metrocard to $125

The MTA unveiled its options for March fare hikes Monday.

New York City »

Taxi Fare Hike Approved

The Taxi & Limousine Commission voted today to approve city-wide hikes in cab fares.

Manhattan »

Port Authority Board Approves Proposed Toll and Fare Hikes

The Port Authority Board voted to approve toll and fare hikes for its Hudson River Crossings after striking a deal with Governors Andrew Cuomo and Chris Christie.

Manhattan »

Cash-Strapped Port Authority Paid $86 Million in Overtime, Audit Finds

As the agency proposes huge toll and fare hikes, it lets "overtime flow like water."

Manhattan »

Massive Toll Hike Planned for Port Authority Crossings, Reports Say

The Port Authority plans to raise tolls by $4 next month and then by another $2 in 2014, according to published reports.

Manhattan »

Disgruntled Straphangers Wake Up to Higher Subway Fares

A 30-day unlimited MetroCard will now cost $104, while single ride cards have jumped from $2.25 to $2.50.

Manhattan »

Yellow Cab Drivers Push for Significant Fare Hike, Report Says

Drivers of yellow taxis have submitted a proposal to increase cab fares nearly 20 percent, according to a published report.

Manhattan »

MTA Raises Tolls on Bridges and Tunnels

Drivers as well as bus and subway riders will all be paying more for their commutes beginning on Dec. 30.