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Where Does Jamaica Begin and End? Map Your Neighborhood's Boundries

Use our map to draw out your neighborhood's boundaries. 

Briarwood »

'Briarwood-Van Wyck' Subway Station Loses 'Van Wyck' Portion of Name

The station was renamed "Briarwood" after pressure from the community.

Brownsville »

Two Men Arrested for Fatally Shooting Driver at Gas Station, Police Say

Charles Williams and Moeleek Harrell gunned down Derek Quattlebaum in Richmond Hill, police said.

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MAP: See the Most Dangerous Intersections in North Jamaica

The area around Hillside and Jamaica avenues is among the most crash-prone sections of Queens.

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Sleep Inn Set to Join Host of New Lodgings in Jamaica

A new Sleep Inn hotel is slated to open by the end of the year.

Richmond Hill »

VIDEO: Man Driving Porsche Shot and Killed in Broad Daylight Near Van Wyck

Derek Quattlebaum, 28, was shot by two gunmen Tuesday near the Van Wyck Expressway.

Corona »

Speeding Drivers Make Flushing Meadows a Race Track After Dark, Police Say

The NYPD handed out nearly 200 summonses in August but drivers keep returning.

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Lake Built for World's Fair To Be Cleaned After Years of Neglect

Meadow Lake will get improvements to its shore and a new basin to treat runoff from a nearby highway.

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Police Arrest ATV and Dirt Bike Riders Who Caused Chaos on Van Wyck

The bikers drove the wrong way, ditched some of their vehicles and led police on a cat-and-mouse chase.

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Best Spots to Take Your Date in Jamaica

The neighborhood has several parks and restaurants ideal for a romantic get-together.

Briarwood »

Change Could Be Next Stop for 'Briarwood/Van Wyck' Subway Station Name

Briarwood residents say their station’s name — Briarwood/Van Wyck Blvd — is confusing.

Jamaica »

Man Hit and Killed Running Through Traffic on Van Wyck, Police Say

A man was run over and killed trying to cross the Van Wyck Expressway in Jamaica on Sunday.

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Victim of Fatal Briarwood Accident Was Flung Off Moving Car: Court Docs

Prosecutors also said that the victim, Latrisha Been, had an argument with the driver, Carl Alvear.

Briarwood »

Driver Charged in Woman's Hit-and-Run Death on Van Wyck Expressway

A woman was killed by a van that struck her on the Van Wyck, police said.

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Car Accidents Kill Four in Just Over 24 Hours Across New York City

Three of the victims were pedestrians hit by motorists, cops said.