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East Harlem »

East Harlem Principal Overcomes Lack of Resources with Unique Partnerships

Lisa Nelson uses creative partnerships to offer field trips and after-school, college-prep courses.

Upper East Side »

5 Ways to Make Eating Lunch at Your Desk Healthier

Eating lunch at your desk is bad for your health. These five steps can make your lunch habit healthier.

Midtown »

City's Top Hospitals Fail to Vaccinate Newborns Against Hep B, Study Shows

Health officials say all babies should receive the vaccine, but hospital policies vary.

Park Slope »

Parents Opt for Breakable Dishes to Avoid Plastic Hazards

A growing number of families are shunning plastic in lieu of more fragile but BPA-free dishes.

Upper East Side »

Restaurant and Hotel Chefs Help Revamp City's Dreaded Hospital Food

City hospitals are bringing in new chefs to make their food more appetizing.

East Harlem »

Mount Sinai Medical Center Opens New High-Tech Research Facility

Mount Sinai Medical Center launched a new research and treatment facility.

Carnegie Hill »

Pols and Unions Blast Mount Sinai over Labor Practices

Pols and union leaders say Mount Sinai reneged on a promise to drop a controversial moving company.

Upper East Side & Roosevelt Island »

'Medical Arms Race' Spurs Massive Health Development on East Side

East Side hospitals are expanding as they compete for patients and research dollars.