McCarren Park

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19 Things To Do This Week in New York City's Neighborhoods

Catch a movie outdoors, mingle with singles or train to be a superhero.

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McCarren Concert Series Canceled After Rift Over Stage Branding

Booker Todd Patrick said the organizer didn't up the concert budget after getting a Vitamin Water deal.

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Yoga Set to House Music Popping Up in McCarren Park This Summer

"If that moment calls for a dance party, then go for it," the DJ for the class said.

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Where to Watch Outdoor Movies in NYC This Summer

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, you can catch an outdoor movie nearly every night in NYC. 

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New Yorkers Show Off What and Where They're Reading This Summer

As summer begins, New Yorkers show off their favorite spaces to curl up with a book.

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McCarren Hotel to Continue Serving Poolside Booze Despite Noise Complaints

Parties with lots of noise and light go on until 3 a.m. during the summer, locals said.

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Vincent Abate, Williamsburg Community Board Chair for 34 Years, Dies at 96

Abate dedicated his life to serving Williamsburg and Greenpoint.

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Artist Uses Discarded Glass, McCarren Park Turf to Create Mini Sculptures

Raimundo Rubio finds material for his artwork in the streets and parks of Greenpoint.

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Man Hit with Bat and Robbed in McCarren Park Handball Court, Police Say

A group of eight to 10 men surrounded the man and demanded money, according to police.

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Diesel Jeans Opening Pop-Up on Bedford Avenue

Diesel will be opening on the ground floor of a luxury development.

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VIDEO: 'Hipster Twister' in McCarren Park Stuns the Brunch Crowd

A tornado lookalike swirled on a baseball diamond in Williamsburg, a witness said.

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New Greenpoint Gym to Offer Triathlon Training and Rooftop Yoga

The Brooklyn Athletic Club will have rooftop yoga, a triathlon center and babysitters.

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Smashed Light Bulb From McCarren Park's New Ballfield Lamp Found on Ground

A shattered bulb from a ballfield light pole replaced after Hurricane Sandy was found on the ground.

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McCarren Park Dog Run Revamped with New Grounds and Wind Screen

The dog run at Driggs and Union avenues includes new wood chips and a wind screen.