East 102nd Street

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East Harlem »

Bronx Woman Struck and Killed by Truck on Her Birthday

Olga Rivera was killed in an East Harlem crash that also injured three other people, police said.

Canarsie »

Cops Arrest Man for Gruesome Murder Inside His Canarsie Home

A man was taken into custody by police after his wife is found with wounds around her neck.

Upper East Side »

15-Year-Old Boy Dies After Fall Into Harlem River

Justin Smith, 15, was declared dead after police pulled his body out of the Harlem River.  

East Harlem »

Police Seek Man Who Punched Female Bus Driver in East Harlem

A man punched a female MTA bus driver in the face May 4, 2012, police said.

Canarsie & Mill Basin »

Brick Thief Hospitalized After Run-in With Cops in Canarsie

The suspect was allegedly stealing bricks from 1550 East 102nd St. in Canarsie.

Upper East Side & Roosevelt Island »

Dividing Line Between Upper East Side and Harlem Blurring

Census data reveals demographic shifts have blurred the former divide that once separated the Upper East Side from East Harlem.