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Prosecutors Ask Co-Op Board to Halt Investigation Into Unsolved Fatal Crash

Police haven't made any arrests in a deadly crash on May 31 in the private community.

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Man Dies After Being Flung From Stolen Car in Breezy Point Crash: NYPD

homas Rorke, 23, was flung from a car after it crashed into a hydrant early Sunday, police said.

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2 Men Flung From Stolen Car in Breezy Point Crash, NYPD Says

Four men took the BMW for a joyride and crashed it into a hydrant, police said.

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Snowy Owls Swoop Into New York City During Deep Freeze

The arctic visitor has made a home on Governors Island for the first time, officials said.

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Build It Back Pushes Through 100+ Sandy Projects to Meet Labor Day Goal

Build It Back distributed more than 500 checks and started more than 500 construction jobs by Labor Day.

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VIDEO: NYPD Helicopter Crew Rescues Man Having Heart Attack on Boat

The man suffered from a heart attack Thursday aboard a barge floating near Breezy Point.

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One Injured in Fire at Beachside Cabana in Breezy Point

The cabana inside the Breezy Point Surf Club caught fire at around 2:30 p.m., according to the FDNY.

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Struggling Homeowners Rip Build It Back Program at Town Hall

Residents shared tales of red tape and miscommunication about the rebuilding program.

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Hundreds of Breezy Point Families Haven't Returned to Destroyed Homes

Only one house in the fire- and flood-ravaged area has been rebuilt to code since Sandy struck last year.

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Video Shows Person of Interest in College Student's Disappearance: NYPD

Marisha Cheong was found dead in Breezy Point earlier this year.

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Breezy Point Residents Who Lost Homes During Sandy Fire Sue LIPA

More than 100 residents of the Rockaways neighborhood sued LIPA for negligence.

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Xaverian Athlete's Sandy Struggles Featured in Tribeca Film Festival Short

"Sandy" is Luke Schreiner's story about how the superstorm affected Breezy Point.

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Family Mourns Marisha Cheong at Funeral, Without Boyfriend

Family and friends of 24-year-old Marisha Cheong mourned her at a funeral Saturday.

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Breezy Point Fire Was Caused by Sandy Seawater Flooding Wires, FDNY Says

Fires during Hurricane Sandy, including the Breezy Point fire, were caused by seawater hitting wires.

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Helping Children Through Sandy's Aftermath

There are a number of ways to help children through the trauma of Hurricane Sandy.