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Four Injured in Two Weekend Shootings in Prospect-Lefferts Gardens: NYPD

Three of the victims were sitting on a Parkside Court stoop when they were shot, police said.

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens »

CRIME BLOTTER: Prospect-Lefferts Woman Woken By Robbers in Her Living Room

The thieves made off with her laptop, wallet and $100 in cash, police said.

Crown Heights »

14-Year-Old Pistol-Whipped and Robbed Pizza Delivery Man, Police Say

The teen stole $49 from the man in Crown Heights on Sunday, police said.

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens »

Woman Throws Hot Coffee on Off-Duty Officer During Road Rage Incident: DA

The officer suffered first-degree burns from the July 19 run-in, prosecutors said.

Crown Heights »

CRIME BLOTTER: Thief Steals Change of Clothes from Crown Heights Apartment

Police said the burglar took sneakers, jeans and a Toronto baseball cap and left his own clothes behind.

Crown Heights »

CRIME BLOTTER: Six Flags Tickets Stolen at Crown Heights Car Wash

The burglary happened at a Midwood Street service station on Saturday.

Crown Heights »

Bike-Riding Thief Wanted for Four Gunpoint Robberies in Crown Heights

Police said the suspect attempted to take his victim's cellphones, but was successful only once.

Crown Heights »

Detective Chases Down Teen Who Attacked 82-Year-Old in Crown Heights: NYPD

An NYPD detective saw the robbery in Crown Heights and arrested the 15-year-old.

Crown Heights »

Burglar Steals Cash and $600 Shoes from Crown Heights Home, Police Say

The 23-year-old's apartment was broken into on June 19, police said.

Crown Heights »

Police Bust Booze-Fueled Party at Unlicensed Bar on Rogers Avenue

Liquor and beer were confiscated from the June 12 party at Wild Whiskey Warthog in Crown Heights.

Crown Heights »

Targets of Brooklyn Shooting Chased Down Gunman and Held Him for Police

George Lowers, 32, fired multiple shots at a pair of brothers in Crown Heights, authorities said.

Flatbush »

Gunman Arrested in Fatal Shooting Near Flatbush Avenue Chicken Restaurant

The murder happened on Saturday night at the corner of Clarkson Avenue near Prospect-Lefferts Gardens.

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens »

Man Smashes Bottle on Woman's Head After She Gives Him Beer Money: NYPD

The woman had just handed over $7 for beer when the man hit her with an empty bottle, police said.

Crown Heights »

Crown Heights Father Arrested After Shooting Son in the Foot

An argument between the two men turned violent on Carroll Street Thursday night, police said.

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens »

Cabbie Takes Off With Patron's Phone, Returns to Throw Glass Bottle at Her

The cab driver snatched the passenger's phone after an argument over the price of fare, police said.