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Prospect-Lefferts Gardens »

Sixth Protester Arrested for Brooklyn Bridge Brawl With Officers

Jarrod Shanahan, 29, is charged with assault and resisting arrest, police said Thursday.

Civic Center »

More Protesters in Brooklyn Bridge Police Brawl Turn Selves in, NYPD Says

Cindy Gorn and Zachary Campbell surrendered to police on Saturday, officials said.

Civic Center »

Protester Charged With Brooklyn Bridge Police Assault, NYPD Says

Robert Murray tackled two lieutenants, leaving one with a broken nose, prosecutors said.

Chinatown »

Brothers Busted for Breaking Into Chinatown ATM, Police Say

Police believe the Torres brothers are a part of a group that has been targeting ATMs in the area.

East Village »

Man and Woman Used Stolen Credit Card in East Village Bodega, Police Say

The two suspects used a card that had been reported stolen, police said.

Little Italy »

Cops Release Video of Suspect Who Allegedly Groped a 10-Year-Old Girl

The man sexually abused the victim in Downtown Manhattan last week, police said.

Chinatown »

NYPD Cop Assigned to Guard Guns Arrested for Stealing, Selling Them

Nicholas Mina, 31, is the fourth NYPD police officer arrested in five days.

East Village & Lower East Side »

Phony 'Angry Birds' Merchandise Seized in Chinatown

Dozens of Chinatown merchants were arrested this week for selling counterfeit "Angry Birds" merchandise, police said.

East Village & Lower East Side »

Property Crime Drives Down Safety in East Village and LES

DNAinfo.com's new Crime & Safety Report found the neighborhoods struggling with property crime, particularly grand larcenies.

East Village & Lower East Side »

National Night Out a Hit on the Lower East Side

The annual gathering connects police with local residents to promote crime prevention.