Ryan Gosling

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Williamsburg »

Facial Hair Transplants Growing Amid Hipster Beard Craze, Doctors Say

More New Yorkers are paying up to $7,000 for the surgical procedure, doctors said.

Park Slope »

Patrick Stewart's Move to Park Slope Spoofed on Tumblr

An imaginary Patrick Stewart weighed in on local issues on a Tumblr page.

Manhattan »

Ryan Gosling Saves Woman From Stepping Into Traffic

The actor apparently stopped a woman from stepping in front of a cab on Sixth Avenue Tuesday.

East Village & Lower East Side »

Ryan Gosling 'Embarrassed' After Breaking Up Street Fight

Actor Ryan Gosling said he's "embarrassed" about intervening in a street fight caught on tape in Astor Place.

East Village & Lower East Side »

Ryan Gosling Breaks up Street Fight in East Village

The Academy Award-nominated actor was purportedly caught on tape stepping in to stop a scuffle on Astor Place.