Ray Kelly

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Bloomberg Asks Judge to Halt NYPD Monitor and Other Stop-and-Frisk Reforms

The city asked Judge Shira Scheindlin to put a stay on her earlier ruling on the police tactic.

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City Takes Next Step in Bid to Halt Stop-and-Frisk Rulings

The mayor's office is fighting a federal judge's ruling that found the NYPD violated rights.

Woodhaven »

Woodhaven Stabbing May Have Been Gang-Related, Cops Say

Police had originally said that Natasha Martinez, 17, was attacked at random.

Astoria »

Queens BP Candidate Peter Vallone Brands Himself as 'Superhero'

As borough president, though, Peter Vallone would be more like a cheerleader, he said.

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Number of Out-of-State Guns Used in Crimes on the Rise, Bloomberg Says

The mayor called again for stronger federal and state gun laws to help curb gun violence in the city.

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Kelly Joins Concerned Grandmothers in Bed-Stuy Anti-Violence Rally

Commissioner Ray Kelly joined Grandmother's Love Over Violence at a rally in Bed-Stuy on Tuesday.

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Police Unions Unfazed by Thompson's Damning Tone On 'Stop-and-Frisks'

Thompson evoked Trayvon Martin, but cop unions feel he supports legal frisks.

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Ray Kelly May Be Next to Leave NYPD

NYPD insiders believe the departure of Kelly's top confidante means the commissioner won't be far behind.

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Quinn Defends Call to Ray Kelly to Get Help for Heat-Stricken Intern

In the wake of Quinn's complaints, the number of reserve ambulances has been increased.

Williamsburg »

Quinn Had to Call Ray Kelly to Speed Up EMS Aid to Collapsed Intern

EMS took 30 minutes to arrive when a City Council intern collapsed at a press conference.

East New York »

Man Connected to July 4th Cop Shooting Arrested, Ray Kelly Says

Cops arrested a man connected to the shooting that wounded officer Jamil Sarwar, Ray Kelly said.

Crown Heights »

Elderly Woman Tied Up and Robbed at Gunpoint in Crown Heights, Cops Say

Five suspects tied up the 87-year-old woman in her home and took a Rolex, jewelry, and more, cops said.

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NYPD Audit Finds Thousands of Crimes Were Downgraded

A more than two-year audit analyzed the way the NYPD collects and reviews its crime stats.

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Bloomberg Promises City's Newest Cops He'll Fight for Policing Tools

The mayor and police commissioner presided over the cadet graduation ceremony at Barclays Center.

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Kelly and Bloomberg Partly to Blame for Stop-and-Frisk Fiasco

High-ranking law enforcement sources say arrogance and no transparency saddled NYPD with new rules.