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Murray Weiss is an award-winning investigative journalist, author, columnist and editor, and is considered an expert on government, law enforcement, criminal justice, organized crime and terrorism.

Upper West Side »

Man Blackmailed Teen Girls to Make X-Rated Videos for Him, Cops Say

The man met girls in chat rooms, had them send him racy pictures and then blackmailed them, cops said.

Inwood »

NYPD Detective Still Haunted by 'Baby Hope' Murder Case

Jerry Giorgio is still hopeful the unidentified girl's killer will be caught after 22 years.

East Elmhurst »

Southwest Airlines Jet Landed Nose First Before Crash, Feds Say

Federal investigators have a video that shows Flight 345 landed on its front landing gear, sources said.

Civic Center »

Ray Kelly May Be Next to Leave NYPD

NYPD insiders believe the departure of Kelly's top confidante means the commissioner won't be far behind.

Little Italy »

Mob Pick for Gambino Godfather Turns Down the Job

Frank Cali from Brooklyn told fellow captains he does not need high-profile grief.  

Coney Island »

Abused 7-Year-Old Girl Plunges From Sixth-Floor Window, Sources Say

Doctors treating the girl found drugs in her system and signs of sexual abuse, sources said.

Fort Greene »

Man Dies in Police Custody After Waiting Four Hours For Ambulance

A man died in the 88th Precinct station house after having a seizure in a holding cell, sources say.

New York City »

Kelly and Bloomberg Partly to Blame for Stop-and-Frisk Fiasco

High-ranking law enforcement sources say arrogance and no transparency saddled NYPD with new rules.

Crown Heights »

Ray Kelly Adviser Joins Race to Become Public Advocate

Siddique Wai, from Crown Heights, aims to be the first African Muslim immigrant to hold citywide office.

New York City »

Gambino Crime Family Set to Name New Godfather

The crime family made famous by John Gotti is set to elevate Francesco "Franky Boy" Cali, sources say.

New York City »

Jimmy Hoffa's Body Was Run Through a Wood Chipper, Source Says

The notorious union boss was done in by a New York gangster and disposed of in Michigan, the source said.

New York City »

Never Mind Sinatra, Mob Punks Really Dig the Sex Pistols

Gangsters caught on tape in the "Papa Smurf" case profess their love for the punk band.

New York City »

Mobsters Get Fat on Rip-offs and Ribs on Secret FBI Tapes

"Papa Smurf" gangsters often discuss favorite foods on secret recordings obtained by "On the Inside."

Ozone Park »

FBI Digs for Body in Queens Home of 'Goodfellas' Mobster Jimmy Burke

The FBI dug Monday in the former home of a gangster played by Robert De Niro in the classic film.