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Murray Weiss is an award-winning investigative journalist, author, columnist and editor, and is considered an expert on government, law enforcement, criminal justice, organized crime and terrorism.

Central Harlem »

DA Vance Appeals for Help to Solve Killing of Transgender Woman

Prosecutors seek more witnesses to the brutal beating of Islan Nettles as they prepare for a grand jury.

Upper East Side »

Two Terror Experts Recall 9/11 Horrors, and Chart a Way Forward

Ali Soufan and Thomas Donlon were in Yemen hunting terrorists on 9/11, and say that wound hasn't healed.

Bushwick »

Brooklyn Man Used 'Molly' in Alleged Date Rape

Soutrik Pramanik is accused of using a party drug to subdue and rape a woman he met on Craigslist.

Civic Center »

Minor Crime Arrests Skyrocketed During Stop-and-Frisk Era, Stats Show

Nearly 250 additional people were locked up each day for minor crimes during the peak arrest year.  

Battery Park City »

Woman Offered to Pay Hit Man in Rare Stamps to Whack Out-of-Work Husband

Elena Sava Adams allegedly paid $60,000 in German stamps to an undercover in a bid to kill her husband.

Upper East Side »

Mob Lawyer Accused of Acting Like a Gangster

Larry Bronson was arrested after allegedly threatening to "crack open" the head of woman in his building.

Chinatown »

Bike-Riding iPhone Thief Collared By Cops

Sources say the man is a suspect in as many as 12 similar robberies in Lower Manhattan.

Midtown »

NYPD Targets 'Creepers' and 'Night Crawlers' in Grand Larceny Crackdown

The NYPD is holding focus groups to figure out how to stop thefts in stores, bars and nightclubs.

Sutton Place »

Weak Aluminum Railing From 1931 Could Not Hold Doomed Jennifer Rosoff

Jennifer Rosoff fell to her death after her balcony's railing rivets gave way, sources said.    

Civic Center »

Police Unions Unfazed by Thompson's Damning Tone On 'Stop-and-Frisks'

Thompson evoked Trayvon Martin, but cop unions feel he supports legal frisks.

Upper West Side »

Man Blackmailed Teen Girls to Make X-Rated Videos for Him, Cops Say

The man met girls in chat rooms, had them send him racy pictures and then blackmailed them, cops said.

Inwood »

NYPD Detective Still Haunted by 'Baby Hope' Murder Case

Jerry Giorgio is still hopeful the unidentified girl's killer will be caught after 22 years.

East Elmhurst »

Southwest Airlines Jet Landed Nose First Before Crash, Feds Say

Federal investigators have a video that shows Flight 345 landed on its front landing gear, sources said.

Civic Center »

Ray Kelly May Be Next to Leave NYPD

NYPD insiders believe the departure of Kelly's top confidante means the commissioner won't be far behind.