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Murray Weiss is an award-winning investigative journalist, author, columnist and editor, and is considered an expert on government, law enforcement, criminal justice, organized crime and terrorism.

Civic Center »

Bill Bratton Begins Shakeup of NYPD Brass

The heads of the Detective Bureau and Internal Affairs were told they will be replaced, sources said.  

Woodlawn »

NYPD Stationhouse Beer Can Probe Goes Flat

Commissioner Bill Bratton put a lid on a manhunt started after Budweisers were found in a police station.

New York City »

NYPD Officer Who Lobbied for Bratton's Job Chosen to Be Second-in-Command

Rafael Pineiro, who had vied to succeed Ray Kelly, will remain the NYPD's First Deputy Commissioner.

Upper East Side »

Psychedelic Mushrooms Linked to Another Student's Death

Hunter College student Isaiah O'Kane was struck by a train in December while on mushrooms, police said.

Midtown »

Millions of Dollars in Phony $100 Bills Flooding the Big Apple

The counterfeit bills have two black 7s on the back, above the "100" mark.

East Village »

NYPD Hunting Dealer of Psychedelic Mushrooms Taken by Dead NYU Student

Investigators want to sample the drugs taken by Titan Lee-Hai to see if they were tainted.

Howard Beach »

Man Charged in 'Goodfellas' Heist Oversaw JFK Airport for Mob, Sources Say

Vincent Asaro was likely not directly involved, sources said.

Woodlawn »

NYPD Brew: Beer Cans Found in Stationhouse Spark CSI Probe

When empty beer cans were found in a precinct house lounge, top brass launched a full investigation.

Civic Center »

NYPD Officers Lost 14,200 Vacation Days in 2012 for Infractions

Ray Kelly's disciplinary actions nearly doubled those of any predecessor.

Civic Center »

NYPD Report on Kenyan Mall Massacre Sparks Long-Running Diplomatic Crisis

Fallout is still being dealt with after an inaccurate NYPD report claimed the shooters had escaped.

Civic Center »

Posting NYPD Detectives Overseas Has Been a Waste, Federal Officials Say

The program started by Raymond Kelly doesn't help prevent terror attacks, critics say.

Civic Center »

Hooker Who Claims Rough Sex With Spitzer Never Told Prosecutors About Tryst

Rebecca Woodard was working undercover for prosecutors when she allegedly had a fling with Spitzer.

Civic Center »

NYPD Commissioner Appointed by Ray Kelly Runs an Unregistered Charity

Valerie Salembier's "charity" is not registered with the state or the Internal Revenue Service.

Spuyten Duyvil »

Investigators Find No Evidence of a Crime in Fatal Metro-North Crash

The death of four people is a tragedy but it may not be a crime, sources said.