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Winter Misery Index

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Is it rain? Is it sleet? Why can't the precipitation today decide?

Gowanus »

Coldness is a relative thing, and today strikes us as balmy compared to this weekend.

Stuy Town »

We'd take feeling "hot hot hot" over today's forecast any day. 

Cobble Hill »

The rain has abated for now, but skies are still depressingly overcast.

Turtle Bay »

A warm but rainy day like today reminds us that spring isn't always better than winter.


With sunny skies and temperatures as high as 48 degrees, today is a day we wouldn't mind repeating.

Sunnyside »

Snow flurries are forecast for Friday. At least the piles at the curb will look a little less dirty?

Sunnyside »

Your feet and the rest of your body are bound to disagree about just how miserable today is.

Bay Ridge »

There will a battle between your shoes and the puddle at the street corner. Don't give in.

Concourse »

Temperatures in the low 40s means lots of melting ... and re-freezing later tonight.

Bay Ridge »

Today's weather is a yawn, but batten down the hatches by the evening.