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Inwood »

Rachel Figueroa revived the parody Twitter account Sunday with a presidential announcement of her own.

Jamaica »

Activists reposted the now-private Instagram posts to Twitter, calling them racially charged.

Park Slope »

Our favorite tweets from Park Slope.

Midtown »

Trump called out for retweets; Seinfeld gets a new home; "50 Shades of Pop."

Civic Center »

De Blasio took over his Twitter account and answered 11 questions.

Upper West Side »

A network of social media accounts features the Upper West Side's many furry friends. 

Astoria »

The kitten was trapped inside the frame of a tow truck at 34th Street and 30th Avenue.

Inwood »

The precinct launched its own Facebook page on Tuesday and quickly amassed more than 250 likes.

Midtown »

Noah tweeted a perplexed selfie standing in front of two ponies Tuesday morning.

Civic Center »

Twitter user @darth was inspired to create a new sign to add to the MTA's courtesy campaign.

Flushing »

A pilot program will kick off next month at the 109th Precinct in Flushing.

Civic Center »

The de Blasio administration has tried to harness social media to reach New Yorkers directly.