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Upper East Side »

Thieves have recently taken items from at least eight U.S.P.S. mailboxes on the Upper East Side.

Central Harlem »

The suspect punched the 15-year-old boy in the face on Central Park North, police said.

Lower East Side »

"Don't look at me. Put the money in the bag," one robber told a worker at Koneko, police said.

Financial District »

The swiped a number of items from a shelf at a Duane Reade store on Water Street, police said.

Bensonhurst »

He tried to steal a gun from a glass case, but fled empty-handed, police said.

TriBeCa »

The eyedrops were stolen at the Duane Reade on 250 Broadway, the NYPD said.

Upper East Side »

The teen took the taxi back to his East Harlem home after stealing the phone, police said.

Kew Gardens Hills »

He pulled a gun and stole $100 from the clerk's pockets and the register, police said.

Melrose »

The two hadn't been arrested since beating Souleymane Porgo with three other men, police said.

Chelsea »

The passenger hit the woman's window and kicked the front of her car, police said.

Upper East Side »

An employee tried to walk out of the store without paying for various merchandise, police said.

Upper West Side »

He stole her phone and hadn't been arrested as of Thursday morning, police said.

Financial District »

One of the students hugged the victim while the other removed the wallet from his pocket, police said.

Melrose »

Souleymane Porgo was attacked by five men after stopping one of them from stealing a purse, police said.