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Concourse Village »

The man put the money on the counter to pay for his food when the woman beside him stole it, police say.

Bay Ridge »

The suspects approach men carrying large sums of cash and checks as they get into their vehicles.

TriBeCa »

In two separate thefts, a day apart, hundreds of items were stolen from Broadway store.

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens »

A worker at a variety store said thieves took 20 packages of hair and fled in a Honda Civic.

Manhattan Beach »

The suspect used a stolen credit card to buy $30 worth of McDonald's, police said.

Graniteville »

SallyAnn Lombardi, 57, was arrested for trying to steal a steak from a ShopRite, prosecutors said.

Upper East Side »

The woman left her bag carrying the gold watch unattended as she got her nails done, police said.

Wavecrest »

Angel Valentin pulled a gun on a man and stole his suit, police said.

Chelsea »

One thief was arrested after he left the store with $320 worth of body wash and lotion, police said.

Claremont Village »

The victim was attacked in Claremont Village in plain view of nearby drivers, according to police video.

Flushing »

One suspect swiped the bag and fled the Ash Avenue home, police said.

Clason Point »

The burglar forced open the front door of the home near Commonwealth and Seward avenues, police said.

Lenox Hill »

The thief reached the windows by climbing fire escapes and scaffolding, according to authorities.