Riker's Island

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Kew Gardens »

Heavily armed Emergency Services Unit police and court officers will be on hand.

Kips Bay »

Some said the proposed rules would amount to torture.

Mott Haven »

The 25-year-old private investigator had sealed the drugs in small clear plastic bags, officials said.

East Elmhurst »

Policy shift comes after suicide of a teen held three years on minor charge that was later dropped.  

Concourse »

Angelo Martinez was arrested after he brought three knives into the jail complex, officials said.

Concourse »

The East Flatbush rapper pleaded not guilty to charges that his girlfriend brought him a knife in jail.

Ditmars »

Kate Mulgrew of "Orange is the New Black" is helping her alma mater serve the Rikers community.

East Elmhurst »

The reforms include heightened surveillance and new rules for when officers can use force on inmates.

East Elmhurst »

The population has held in the 9,000s this year, a DOC spokesman said.

East Flatbush »

The East Flatbush rappers, who are facing dozens of gun and drug charges, are due back in court in June.

East Elmhurst »

The new rule also caps solitary confinement time to no more than 30 days consecutive for all inmates.

Hunts Point »

Inmate Victor Woods was being held on a drug charge when he went into convulsions, authorities said.

Hunts Point »

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said in a statement that his office was prepared to take legal action.

Hunts Point »

Carlos Mercado died after lapsing into a coma on Aug. 24, 2013, according to court documents.

Concourse Village »

Bradley Ballard died after being locked alone in his cell for seven days, advocates say.