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Park Slope »

The NYPD is investigating a shooting involving an off-duty police officer who said he was mugged.

Bedford Park »

Efraim Guzman, 30, got into a shootout with police after stealing one of their guns, officials said.

Kew Gardens »

Felix Perez was shot by an NYPD officer who walked into a home he was robbing. 

Maspeth »

The man who was shot by a police officer Monday afternoon  was formally arrested for burglary

East Williamsburg »

Jermaine Johnson had been involved in two gunpoint robberies just before police arrived, officials said.

Gravesend »

Orville Edwards was killed by police after fleeing a robbery in Gravesend Monday, officials said.

Gravesend »

Police are also looking for a second suspect in the break-in who escaped before police arrived.

East New York »

Motorist Delrawn Small was punching Officer Wayne Isaacs when he was shot and killed, sources said.  

Soundview »

Rashaun Lloyd, 25, was fatally shot by police near the Soundview Houses, officials said.

Bergen Beach »

Officer Gina Caridi helped save a man's life after he tried to stab her on Mother's Day, she said.

Concourse »

Orlando Ramos was sentenced to 17 years in prison, while Ernesto Delgado received 13 years.

Vinegar Hill »

Zaquan Footman and Dontre Bradley were arrested after Footman pulled a gun on police, the NYPD said. 

Vinegar Hill »

The man was shot after plainclothes officers spotted a wanted man on Sands Street, police said.

Bushwick »

Det. Jon Gladstone was trying to arrest three suspects in a drug bust when he was shot, officials said.

Civic Center »

The investigation started after Liang's partner testified he did not know how to correctly perform CPR.