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Downtown Brooklyn »

Diana Durand, 48, pleaded guilty to using straw donors to boost Grimm's 2010 war chest.

Civic Center »

Two men were rescued from scaffolding at the Ted Weiss Federal Building Downtown, officials said.

Ozone Park »

Sandeep Singh was told to "go back to your country bin Laden," according to his wife.

Chelsea »

The women took their victims to strip clubs where they ran up huge credit cards bills, sources said.

Civic Center »

The ex-agent is not allowed into the FBI premises after he quit under a cloud, sources said.

Williamsburg »

Sean "Luca Brasi" Robinson was caught at his Williamsburg home in the $700,000 Cartier store heist.

Central Harlem »

Former officials remember an uproarious Rev. Al when he wore an FBI wire on the mob.  

Jamaica »

Thomas Galante will remain president and CEO of the Queens Public Library.

Greenwich Village »

Don Borelli, a 25-year veteran of the FBI, is celebrating his love of craft beer.

Hunts Point »

An officer ignored an inmate's pleas for help and instructed others to do the same, officials said.

Midtown »

The FBI is looking for Ralik Hansen, 28, who they say hit the Cartier store on Fifth Avenue.

Jamaica »

Library head Thomas Galante is the target of a probe by city and federal investigators.

Civic Center »

Members of the Gambino and the Ndrangheta families smuggled heroin and cocaine, the FBI said.

Civic Center »

Fallout is still being dealt with after an inaccurate NYPD report claimed the shooters had escaped.

Civic Center »

The program started by Raymond Kelly doesn't help prevent terror attacks, critics say.