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Far Rockaway »

The school will move into a middle school building on Nameoke Street, officials said. 

Vinegar Hill »

The Department of Education presented its final proposal for the rezoning of P.S. 8 and P.S. 307 Monday.

Upper West Side »

Parents accused the DOE of doing nothing to solve the overcrowding crisis in the district. 

Upper West Side »

The Department of Education has no timetable for a new zoning plan following controversy.

Upper West Side »

Leaders voted for P.S. 191 to switch locations with the forthcoming P.S. 342, set to open in 2018.  

Vinegar Hill »

The Panel for Educational Policy will vote on the re-siting of M.S. 313 on Nov. 19.

Jackson Heights »

The topic was one of many discussed at an education town hall in Jackson Heights. 

West Village »

Roughly 20 students learned the math and science of cheese making on their day off.

Upper West Side »

Community Education Council 3 now expects the plan to be in place by Dec. 2.

Upper West Side »

Instead of presenting its final plans on Nov. 2, the DOE will host small group sessions.

Upper West Side »

Carmen Farina spoke to parents about overcrowding, zoning and diversity, among other topics. 

Upper West Side »

Community Education Council members want more time to mull zoning scenarios and options, they said.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Funds raised will go toward keeping the school's gym teacher, among other things.

Carroll Gardens »

The annex will be built in the school's rear yard, Councilman Brad Lander announced.

Crown Heights »

A full-time "restorative justice coordinator" will be hired to drive down suspension rates.