criminal mischief

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Flatiron »

A hotel manager and a guest were arrested after the woman kicked in the front door.

Midtown »

The woman visiting NYC was window shopping on Fifth Avenue when her blouse was set on fire, police said.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

The boys were arrested and charged with attempted robbery, assault and criminal mischief, police said.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

The man was dining at La Vela Dining & Bar on 11th Avenue prior to his arrest, police said.

Midtown »

The attacker also grabbed a woman's cellphone and threw it to the ground, the DA's office said.

Stuy Town »

John Christian, 21, went on a vandalism spree in Stuy Town on June 24, police said.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

"Are you afraid someone is going to come in and kill the f--s?" the man also yelled, police said.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

The three Galaxy Diner patrons were arrested and charged with assault, harassment and criminal mischief.

Midtown »

The woman claimed someone in the cab took a photo of her and refused to delete it, the DA's office said.

Hudson Square »

The man also ripped the license plate off of one car and sat in the front seat of another, police said.

Clinton Hill »

Joyce Fields became angry when the deli worker took too long giving her change, police said.

Times Square & Theater District »

After police arrested the driver, she kicked out the rear window of a police car, the NYPD said.

Castleton Corners »

Anthony Padovano, 39, was charged with criminal mischief, prosecutors said.

Midtown »

At some point during the attack, police said the driver asked the group, "What the f--- are you doing?"

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

The container was thrown through the window of a Con Ed substation in Hell's Kitchen, police said.