criminal mischief

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East Village »

Christopher Felix, an FDNY EMT, was arrested for slashing tires on East Third Street, police said.

Chelsea »

The passenger hit the woman's window and kicked the front of her car, police said.

Chelsea »

Joseph Griffin was expected to be charged with fatally beating Brenda Bostick, prosecutors said.

Astoria »

Police are looking for three men who kicked and damaged cars on Astoria Boulevard and 35th Street.

Yorkville »

Jonah Parsoff, 37, was arrested for robbing the Key Food store of a $3 Entenmann's pie, police said.

Chelsea »

When the victim tried to throw the bag away, her neighbor started cursing at her, police said.

Hamilton Heights »

Eloise Liz was stabbed 17 times by Alexander Felix in her home, prosecutors said.

Chelsea »

The 54-year-old resident had covered her front door with wrapping paper, the NYPD said.

Chelsea »

The thief fled the store with a $225 Pax 2 vaporizer and a $160 G Pen vaporizer, the NYPD said.

Longwood »

A total of 28 attacks across 10 precincts in The Bronx took place on Sunday evening, police said.

Upper East Side »

The suspect was driving with no license and had been in a minor accident, police said.

Columbus Circle »

Messages including "Finally we have a white man in the White House" were written in marker, police said.

St. George »

Zowie Tesar, 39, was charged with criminal mischief and reckless endangerment, prosecutors said.

Midtown »

The protesters also stomped on the vehicles' roofs, leaving them with dents, police said.

Crown Heights »

Surveillance footage captured a suspect wanted for spray-painting the Nazi symbol on Montgomery Street.