Brooklyn Criminal Court

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Amanda Hosten-St. Louis used Parker's debit card to make several large withdrawals, prosecutors said. 

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Eight court officers suffered injuries, most minor, officials said. 

Brownsville »

Darrell Kinard offered to help the woman carry a plant into her apartment before assaulting her. 

Bushwick »

The DA will consult immigration attorneys when undocumented people are charged with low-level crimes.

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The attacks happened on Schermerhorn and Smith streets, outside Brooklyn Criminal Court, police said.

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Michael Lambert said he invested $30,000 in the bogus investment despite a host of warning signs.

Bed-Stuy »

Sean Richardson-Daniel threatened a stop work order unless he was paid $15,000, officials said. 

Sheepshead Bay »

Detectives found 250 pounds of mushrooms in two Sheepshead Bay homes, officials said Friday.

Gravesend »

Jaden Jordan was found with a skull fracture and covered in feces at his home on Monday, officials said.

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Zaida Pugh had help executing her stunt on the D train, which trapped riders inside with live bugs.

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Sarina Agard-Forde was accused of beating Ta'Jae Warner unconscious in Coney Island, police say. 

Fort Greene »

Judge Marguerite Dougherty said she would not suspend Marlon Sewell's license at a Monday hearing.

Downtown Brooklyn »

J. Anthony Ilustrisimo, 28, will have to perform 150 hours of community service for computer hacking.

Clinton Hill »

Michael Quick, of Georgia, smuggled guns into the state via I-95, the "Iron Pipeline."

Brownsville »

Christen Dale was charged with beating her nephew, Ethan Ali, to death in Brooklyn on Wednesday.