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10 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Scream 'New York'

By Nicole Levy | October 26, 2016 10:14am | Updated on October 31, 2016 11:08am

It's T-minus three days until Halloween weekend, and the pizza rat costume sitting in your closet is looking a little crusty this October.

New York City's one-time mascot, a rat captured in a video dragging a slice into the subway, doesn't seem quite as relevant as it did last year. 

Thankfully, there's still time to cobble together a costume just as quintessentially "New York," and DNAinfo has a few ideas.

You could dress up as:

► Mayor Bill de Blasio

You'll need a YMCA T-shirt and a pair of cargo shorts — the mayor's go-to ensemble for his morning workouts at the Park Slope Y — for this costume. To stay in character, you should arrive late to the party you're attending and, if you can afford it, leave by helicopter.

► A desnuda


(DNAinfo/Ben Fractenberg)

For the exhibitionists out there, this is an obvious costume. Purchase feathers for your headdress at a Michaels craft store and body paint in the patriotic shades of red, white and blue at Ricky's. Take as many pictures with strangers as time will allow.

(For the more modest, we recommend sliding on your thong over a bodysuit like this one.)

A "showtime" dancer

You'll need some old sweatpants, sneakers and a baseball cap that has seen one too many subway car floors for this outfit. Tote a portable speaker blasting Drake and yell, "It's showtime!" periodically. The acrobatically adept may also want to bust a move whenever a pole presents itself.

The Trump Tower climber

Tower climber

(DNAinfo/Ben Fractenberg)

To channel the 19-year-old Virginia man who scaled the Fifth Avenue skyscraper in August, you'll need climbing shoes, a white baseball cap, a black backpack, and a pair of suction cups. Spend Halloween telling everyone you have "secret information" you have to deliver directly to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

A bodega cat

Re-imagine Halloween's most hackneyed costume by calling yourself a "bodega cat." If you have the time, we suggest constructing a poster board-frame in the shape of an Instagram photo border. 

► A ticket to "Hamilton"

Want to be the hottest commodity at your Halloween party? Print an image of a coveted ticket to the Broadway smash hit and paste it to a sandwich board you can wear all night long.

► A LinkNYC kiosk


(DNAinfo/Maya Rajamani)

All you need to bring Wi-Fi (and, briefly, porn) to the New York City masses is a large cardboard box and some markers. Carry around a portable charger for friends' flagging devices. This costume might qualify as NSFW.

► The raccoons terrorizing Harlem and Crown Heights

This is a group costume. You and your gaze of trash snatchers will require furry ears, bandit masks and garbage bags to channel the raccoons wreaking havoc in West Harlem and freaking out residents in Crown Heights.

► The Gowanus Canal and an Environmental Protection Agency official

Perfect for the NYC couple. Your "dirty" partner — awaiting his or her $506 million cleanup — should wear all green, with random articles of trash, Whole Foods paper bags, and a biohazard warning sign affixed to the outfit. You need only wear a windbreaker with the letters "E.P.A." taped on the back to depict an official.

Gowanus canal

(DNAinfo/Leslie Albrecht)

A Midtown tourist

Essential accessories for this costume include a fanny pack and a selfie stick. At the party you should block all point of egress whenever possible and ask for directions.

Ideas contributed by Katie Honan, Nikhita Venugopal, Rachel Holliday Smith, Brad Gerick, Adam Nichols and Shaye Weaver.