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Loud CrossFit Gym to Spend $250K on Soundproofing, Owner Says

The gym sued for its noise will add a special ceiling and floor to absorb sound from dropped weights.

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Noisy CrossFit Gym Has Been Operating Illegally for Months, Board Says

Brick New York has operated without a Physical Culture Establishment permit since August, records show.

Chelsea »

Chelsea Condo Board Sues CrossFit Gym Over Noisy Weight-Dropping

Brick New York urges its bodybuilders to repeatedly drop heavy weights on the ground, the lawsuit claims.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Planet Fitness Opens 24-Hour Gym in Hell's Kitchen With $10 a Month Fee

The chain will open two more locations soon, in the Financial District and Washington Heights.

New York City »

Best Holiday Workout to Look Great in That Little Black Dress

Kristi Molinaro has the best workout for those who need a last-minute cocktail dress boost.

Chelsea »

McBurney YMCA Opens Strength-Training Center

The new $300,000 weight room has top-of-the-line equipment.

Murray Hill, Gramercy & Midtown East »

Crossfit Gyms Ditch Machines for Human Feats of Strength

Crossfit, the latest exercise trend, pushes practical fitness instead of fancy gym equipment.

Downtown »

Marathon Skateboard Race Rolls Onto Governors Island

The Adrenalina Skateboard Marathon, a 26.2 mile longboard race, will bring more than a hundred professional and amateur skateboarders to the Island.