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Harlem »

Miracle on Edgecombe Avenue for Ailing Homeless Dad

Octavio Estevez and his family got a new home on Edgecombe Avenue, making him eligible for a transplant.

Downtown »

OWS Protesters Clear Out of Zuccotti Park Overnight

The number of protesters at Zuccotti Park dwindled overnight as protesters sought shelter on their first night without tents and sleeping gear.  

Downtown »

Churches Open Doors to Occupy Wall Street Protesters

Some Occupy Wall Street protesters were heading towards a handful of Manhattan churches to seek shelter after being evicted from Zuccotti Park.

Manhattan »

City Postpones Controversial Homeless Shelter Intake Policy

The policy, which was set to take effect Monday, would require homeless people seeking to shelter to prove they have nowhere else to go.

Manhattan »

Live in a Hurricane Evacuation Zone? Here's What To Do

The city has designated certain areas of Manhattan as evacuation zones in case of a hurricane. Here's what to do if you live in one.

Midtown & Theater District »

Homeless Advocates Protest Treatment by Police

Advocates say the homeless should be allowed to sleep in public spaces without being hassled by police.

Chelsea & Hell's Kitchen »

Controversial Chelsea Homeless Shelter Slated for Spring Opening

The Bowery Residents Committee is moving forward with its spring opening of a controversial Chelsea shelter.

Chelsea & Hell's Kitchen »

Chelsea Residents Push Non-Profit to Reduce Beds in Proposed Shelter

With the ranks of the homeless growing, neighborhood leaders balk at plans to designate more space for shelters.