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Bed-Stuy »

Vincent van Gogh Lookalike Rides the G Train

A straphanger posted a picture of Brooklyn resident Robert Reynolds, likening him to the famous artist.

Williamsburg »

Woman Charged $12,000 For 35-Minute Uber Cab Ride

A woman was charged $12,000 for a ride from Williamsburg to Midtown, according to a Reddit poster.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

PHOTO: Girl Strolls Down 10th Avenue With Tiny Pony

A girl and a brown pony wore matching pink outfits and went for a walk on 10th Avenue, a photo shows.

Greenwich Village »

Video Claims to Capture NYC's 'Worst' Subway Performance

A video captured a pair of performers... well, just watch it for yourself. 

Chelsea »

Vegans Send 'Love Mail' to Restaurant Attacked by 'CrossFit People'

Vegans rushed to defend GustOrganics after it decided to go meatless.

Crown Heights »

Following Suicide, Neighbors Recall Web Genius as Reclusive

The medical examiner's office confirmed Aaron Swartz died after hanging himself, a spokeswoman said.

New York City »

'30 Rock' Extra's Petition for Speaking Role Earns Hundreds of Supporters

Hundreds took to the show's Facebook page after  Gary Marinoff put posters around the city.

Midtown »

Social Media Flooded With Posts About Empire State Building Shooting

Social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were flooded with posts about the shooting.

Downtown »

'Revolutionaries' Plan Wall St. Occupation

A group of self-declared revolutionaries is urging thousands to occupy the center of the nation's finance.