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New Yorkers Want Crackdown on Alcohol Abuse, Poll Finds

A majority of voters support a crackdown on alcohol abuse, a new poll finds.

Greenwich Village »

Hands off My Chick-fil-A, New Yorkers Say

New Yorkers don't care about Chick-fil-A's anti-gay marriage stance, a poll found.

Chelsea & Hell's Kitchen »

Chelsea Market Expansion Opposed in Poll Conducted by Project Supporters

Most polled were against a hotel and new office space included in the Chelse Market expansion plan.

Manhattan »

Ray Kelly Gets High Marks in Poll Despite Recent Troubles

Despite recent controversies, 60 percent of New Yorkers believe Kelly is doing a good job, a poll found.

Manhattan »

Mayor Bloomberg's Approval Sagging, New Poll Shows

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's poll numbers are sagging, according to a new Quinnipiac poll.

Manhattan »

Mayor Bristles at 'Constant Dissing' of City's Education System

Mayor Bloomberg shot back at criticism of the city's education system and his handling of it on "Meet the Press" Sunday.

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One in Five New Yorkers Living in Poverty, Data Show

One of every five city residents is living in poverty, according to new data from the Census Bureau.

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Mayor Bloomberg's Poll Numbers Surge After Hurricane Irene

Mayor Michael Bloomberg's poll numbers are on the rise, thanks to widespread approval of his handling of Hurricane Irene, even as critics slammed the fact that he lied about his former staffer's arrest.

Manhattan »

Jeter and Babe Ruth Tie as City's Favorite Yankee

Derek Jeter was voted favorite Yankee among women, while Babe Ruth is still tops among men, according to a Quinnipiac poll released Friday.

Downtown »

New Yorkers Think 9/11 Museum Should Be Free, Poll Finds

Most New Yorkers believe admission to the 9/11 Museum should be free when it opens next year, according to a new poll.

Manhattan »

Ray Kelly Tops Voters' List for 2013 Mayoral Race, Poll Finds

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly may never have expressed interest in the job, but he tops the list of city officials New Yorkers would like to see as the next mayor in a new poll.

Manhattan »

Majority of New Yorkers Support Gay Marriage

A study released Tuesday shows age and religious differences among supporters and opponents of gay marriage.

Manhattan »

Most New Yorkers Say They Wouldn't Try to Fix a Ticket, Poll Finds

The majority of New Yorkers called ticket-fixing by police a serious crime, according to a new poll out Thursday.

Manhattan »

Bloomberg's Approval Rating Struggles Despite Dumping Cathie Black

78 percent of Manhattan public school parents polled said they don't like the way Mayor Bloomberg is handling city schools.

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New York Voters Want Walmart, Poll Claims

A Quinnipiac University poll shows that the majority of NYC voters would shop at Walmart if it was convenient.