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Inwood »

Inwood Shakespeare Fest May End 15-Year Run Due to Park Crowding

The festival organizers may no longer be able to reserve space in Inwood Hill Park.

St. George »

Where to Watch Outdoor Movies in NYC This Summer

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, you can catch an outdoor movie nearly every night in NYC. 

Astoria »

'Elaborate' Spray Shower to Replace Mini-Pool in Astoria Heights Playground

The change is planned as part of a $3 million overhaul of the Astoria Heights Playground.  

Astoria »

7-Foot Sophocles is Final Piece in Astoria Park Greek Statues Collection

The statue is the final addition to the Hellenic collection at Athens Square Park.

Olinville »

Learn About Eels and Oysters at the Bronx River

A series of research projects will be held along the river on Monday, August 18.

Inwood »

Light Outage Hits Part of Fort Tryon Park

About 25 lights in the northern section of the park went out two weeks ago.

Randall's Island »

Kid-Friendly Art Exhibit Opens on Randall's Island

Flow.14 will feature installations by four different artists.

Union Square »

Union Square's George Washington Statue Polished for Independence Day

The preservation work coincides with the anniversary of several of the monuments' dedications.

Brooklyn Heights »

Cricket Catches On in Brooklyn

There are six official cricket pitches and 16 fields where cricketers can bat and bowl in Brooklyn.

Corona »

Neglected Fountain of the Planets Has Few Friends in Queens Park

The fountain, built for the 1964 World's Fair, has become an eyesore in the decades since.