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Midtown »

Arctic Front to Plunge City into Winter Freeze This Weekend

Wind-chill temperatures are expected to be in the teens Sunday as a cold front hits the city.

Financial District »

Tornado Watch Issued for New York

A tornado watch was issued for parts of New York and New Jersey until 5 p.m. today.

Astoria »

Heavy Rains Expected After Flood Warning Expires, Weather Service Says

A Labor Day storm was expected to drop one to two inches of rain per hour Monday afternoon.

Midtown »

Flash Flood Warning Issued for New York

The warning is expected to last through the afternoon, officials said.

Central Harlem »

Heat Wave Enters Fourth and Hottest Day as Temps Soar to 97 Degrees

Temperatures are expected to get up to 97 degrees but will feel like 103 degrees, forecasters warn.

Times Square & Theater District »

Heat Wave Enters Second Day With Temps Soaring to 93 Degrees

Heat and humidity were expected to envelop New York through Sunday, the NWS said.

Upper East Side »

Sweltering Forecast Marks the Dog Days of Summer

The National Weather Service's heat advisory lasted through Sunday night.

East Harlem »

Official Heatwave Declared as New York Swelters for Third Day

Temperatures are expected to reach 90 on Wednesday for the third straight day.

Upper East Side »

Temperatures Expected to Top 90 in City Monday and Tuesday

A heat advisory is in effect across the city until 6 p.m. Tuesday.

New York City »

More Wet Weather Expected to Drench New York

Winds could reach up to 30 miles per hour tonight, according to the National Weather Service.

New York City »

Cold Rain Blows Into City for Weekend Before Sunny Memorial Day

The weekend was expected to be chilly and rainy, according to the National Weather Service.

New York City »

Rain Deluges New York During Flash-Flood Warning

Three inches of rain hit southern Brooklyn Wednesday morning, according to the National Weather Service.

New York City »

Snowy Weather and Rain Could Slow Rush Hour Commute

Commuters could face slow traffic conditions because of snow, Monday evening, forecasters say.

New York City »

Snowstorm Leaves Morning Commute a Mess

Early-morning snow Friday made for a messy rush-hour commute.

New York City »

Hazardous Winds Keep New Yorkers Chilly on Presidents Day

Expect strong winds and low temperatures on Monday before Tuesday's high of 45.