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Sen. Gillibrand Withholds Support for Food Stamp Ban on Soda

Gillibrand was reportedly "still looking" at a plan to remove sugary drinks from the list of acceptable food stamp purchases.

Washington Heights & Inwood »

Public Input Sought on Washington Heights and Inwood 2011 Budget Priorities

Community Board 12 seeks to learn residents' top budget priorities for next year in Washington Heights and Inwood.

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'Ring of Steel' Wraps Big Apple Up in Surveillance Web

The city began monitoring an additional 500 Midtown surveillance cameras Monday, bringing the total to 1,159.

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Michael Bloomberg Heads to D.C. to Meet Congressional Leaders

Mayor Michael Bloomberg had plans to meet with House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader John Boehner.

Downtown »

Mayor Michael Bloomberg Bashes Hedge Fund Tax Proposal, Warns of Fleeing Businesses

Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned that a new tax on hedge fund managers would drive them to Connecticut.

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Nicholas Cage, Cast of 'Sorcerer's Apprentice' Join Mayor for Premiere in Times Square

Nicolas Cage, Jay Baruchel, producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Mickey Mouse were among the stars who came out.

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Voters Don't Blame Mayor for Budget Woes, New Poll Shows

A poll finds that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has emerged relatively unscathed in the public eye from his service-slashing 2011 budget.

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg's Job Complicated His Girlfriend's Senate Hopes, Report Says

Diana Taylor said she worried a campaign would have distracted the mayor from his job.

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David Paterson May Veto Bill Protecting Artists Living in Illegal Lofts

Paterson cooled to the expansion of the Loft Law after hearing opposition from Mayor Bloomberg and other politicians.