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Downtown »

Chef Michael White Plans 'Butterfly' Supper Club in TriBeCa

Michael White, known for haute Italian cuisine, will serve up American food in TriBeCa.

East Village & Lower East Side »

East Village Liquor License Restrictions May Ease If Bars Close Early

Community Board 3 may support new establishments that close early and serve just wine and beer.

Murray Hill, Gramercy & Midtown East »

Canz Gets 'First Date' with Community Board

As Canz sorts through its liquor license issues, it finds support in an unlikely place.

Washington Heights & Inwood »

Mamajuana Cafe Beating Victim Will 'Never Be The Same,' Family Says

CB12 voted to recommend against a Mamajuana liquor license application for a new Italian restaurant.

Murray Hill, Gramercy & Midtown East »

Canz Lands an Awkward First Date with Community Board

Canz a Citi Roadhouse is heading to the local community board for a discussion of its liquor license.

Harlem »

Restaurateurs Warn Early Closing Could Harm Harlem's Culinary Growth

Ristorante Settepanni and Chez Lucienne both say the proposal would hurt business.

East Village & Lower East Side »

B.A.D. Burger Owner Calls CB3 'Fascist' After Liquor License Rejection

Keith Masco called CB3 "fascist" for rejecting a beer and wine license for B.A.D. Burger on Avenue A.

Murray Hill, Gramercy & Midtown East »

Stone Street Bar Owner Gets OK to Take Over Problematic Murray Hill Lounge

Stone Street bar owner gets first OK to take over problematic Red Sky Lounge after promise to build wall.

Upper West Side & Morningside Heights »

Papasito Restaurant Busted for Selling Booze to Underage Patrons

The State Liquor Authority says Papasito sold alcohol to patrons as young as 18 years old.

Murray Hill, Gramercy & Midtown East »

Vudu Lounge Manager Ditches Country Theme for Next Venture

Vudu Lounge manager Michael Stein went back to the drawing board after community outcry.

Upper West Side & Morningside Heights »

Complaint-Ridden Papasito Restaurant Owes $27K in Rent, Landlord Says

Papasito restaurant, which infuriated neighbors with noise, owes $27,000 in back rent, its landlords say.

Harlem »

Uptown Pink Tea Cup Plans Scrapped for Upscale Wine Lounge

A planned Harlem outpost of the Village's The Pink Tea Cup will now become Auberge Laurent.

Harlem »

Closing Time May Come Two Hours Earlier at Harlem Bars

Community Board 10 is weighing whether to require Harlem bars close at 2 a.m. instead of 4 a.m.

Murray Hill, Gramercy & Midtown East »

Canz to Be Squeezed by Community Board

Canz a City Roadhouse angered community members by opening in October without a liquor license.

Midtown & Theater District »

Milford Plaza Hotel Plans New Rooftop Lounge Overlooking Times Square

Eighth Avenue's Milford Plaza Hotel is planning a new rooftop lounge to serve the post-theater crowd.