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Roxbury »

Local Opinion Not Enough on Fort Tilden Rehab, Parks Service Says

The Sandy-damaged beach will eventually undergo renovations to boost its resiliency.

Williamsburg »

VIDEO: 'Hipster Twister' in McCarren Park Stuns the Brunch Crowd

A tornado lookalike swirled on a baseball diamond in Williamsburg, a witness said.

Crown Heights »

Crown Heights' 'Mister Rogers' Shows Many Faces of a Changing Neighborhood

Photographer Ruvi Leider's "Close to Home" inaugurates the new genre-defying arts space on Rogers Ave. 

Crown Heights »

Lula Bagel Gives Nostrand Ave Newcomers a Reason To Get Up in the Morning

For the owner of Williamsburg's Lula Bean cafe, a new Crown Heights venture keeps things close to home.

Crown Heights »

Franklin Avenue Family Expands Edible Empire Across Eastern Parkway

After 40 years on Franklin Avenue, Tony Fisher extends his popular brand into uncharted territory.

Midtown »

Three-Story Urban Outfitters Store to Open in Herald Square

The store will open in September at 1333 Broadway, across the street from Macy's.

Prospect Heights »

Brooklyn's Best Outdoor Spots for Wireless Workers

Enjoy the sunshine during office hours with Brooklyn's free outdoor workspaces.

St. George »

Staten Island Developer Hopes to Bring Williamsburg to St. George

Gary Angiuli plans to make "Back of the Bay" a hot spot for neighborhood residents in St. George.

Williamsburg »

'Unite the Beards' Campaign Connects Hipsters to Hasids

"Hasid and hipster: We're more alike than you think" is the slogan for the campaign.

Williamsburg »

Bridge-and-Tunnel 'Poser Hipsters' Clog Williamsburg Bars, Locals Complain

Local partiers are abandoning blocks that draw Manhattan and New Jersey "weekenders" and tourists.

New York City »

Scarification Emerges as Cutting-Edge Body Art in Brooklyn

Body-art obsessed Brooklynites have graduated from tattooing to cutting.

Williamsburg »

Manhattan 'Bros' Hunt for Brooklyn Hipster Chicks in 'Girls'-Inspired Show

Anthony DiMieri, 24, wrote "Bros" after watching the entire "Girls" first season in a few days. 

Bushwick »

New Season of 'East WillyB' Show Mocks Hipster 'Immigration' into Bushwick

The web series, starting its second season, spotlights young Latinos amidst Bushwick's gentrification.

Prospect-Lefferts Gardens »

Fighting Flak from Newcomers, Parkside McDonald's Edges Out Local Seniors

Yelpers loathe it, seniors love it, new management is stuck in the middle at Parkside Avenue Micky D's.

Greenpoint »

Greenpoint's Only Synagogue Grows With Demand

The Greenpoint Shul, the only synagogue in Greenpoint, had no rabbi before 2009 but now is a local hub.