Grand Larceny

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Mott Haven »

Thieves Steal $700 From Restaurant Employee, Police Say

Four men stole about $700 and several credit cards from a staffer at Changarrito, according to the NYPD.

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Woman's Jewelry Stolen After She Hosted All-Night Party, Police Say

The woman's $13,400 Rolex, $1,350 bracelet and $610 in cash were swiped as she slept, police said. 

Hell's Kitchen & Clinton »

Midtown's New Precinct Commander Pledges to Fight Theft

Deputy Inspector John Hart took over command of the Midtown North precinct this month. 

Times Square & Theater District »

Hotel Guest's Visitors Rob Him of iPhone, iPad and $600, Police Say

The victim was robbed by a man and woman he invited into his Times Square Hotel room, police said.

Dongan Hills »

Thieves Pretending to Buy Chair in Staples Hid Loot in Box, police say

Two thieves put nearly $1,800 of iPad and iPhone cases and printer toner in the box, police said.

Bloomfield »

'Wizard of Oz' Slippers Stolen From Staten Island Hotel

A woman stole a replica pair of Dorothy's slippers from the Hilton Garden Inn, police said.

Williamsburg »

Man Indicted for Taking $10K Painting of Basquiat From Williamsburg Gallery

Louis Lassalle allegedly nabbed the artwork from the Cotton Candy Machine Art Gallery.

Fort Wadsworth »

Verrazano Bridge Toll Collector Skimmed $3K in Cash, Police Say

Anthony Peleg was charged with logging trucks as cars crossing the bridge and pocketing the excess cash.

Greenwich Village »

Woman Tries to Steal $261 Worth of Headbands From Urban Outfitters: Police

A woman grabbed more than $1,000 of Urban Outfitters merchandise, including 13 headbands, police said.

West Village »

Man Steals Unattended Purses From Two Manhattan Restaurants, Police Say

A suspect stole purses inside Fedora and Sushi Dano restaurants, police said.

Williamsburg »

Thief Who Swiped Three Paintings from Gallery Caught Red Handed, NYPD Says

Louis Lassalle allegedly stole three expensive oil paintings from a Williamsburg gallery Saturday night.

Greenwich Village »

Taxi Driver Bashes Rider's Head With Block of Ice in Village, Police Say

A dad bringing his daughter to school got into an argument with a cabbie, police said.

West Brighton »

Good Samaritan Robbed After Unwittingly Helping Purse Snatcher: NYPD

A woman tried to rob an elderly woman, escaped in a passing car then stole the driver's bag, police said.

Washington Heights »

Man Sentenced 10 Years for Dragging 93-Year-Old Woman Down Stairs

Richard Davidson pleaded guilty to attacking the woman as she visited her childhood home.

Richmond Town »

Lawyer Arrested for Stealing Nearly $2M From Staten Island Cemetery

Timothy Griffin, 54, was arrested for stealing nearly $2 million from the United Hebrew Cemetery.

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