Grand Larceny

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Chelsea »

Man's $25K Watch Stolen by Woman He Brought Home From a Club, Police Say

The woman took the man's Audemars Piguet watch, along with cash and credit cards, police said.

Union Square »

Thief Busted for Snatching Wallets From Strollers at Whole Foods, NYPD Says

Diomedes Nunez was caught lifting wallets from strollers inside two Whole Foods stores, police said.

Great Kills »

Thieves Used Stolen Credit Cards to Buy Red Bull, Police Say

Marc Confessore and Taylor Millan are accused of buying the energy drink after stealing a man's bag.

Lower East Side »

Three Men Snatch Purse From Woman in LES Hotel, Police Say

Police said three men stole a woman's purse at the Hotel Chantelle on Sept. 20.

New Springville »

Home Care Worker Accused of Stealing $10K from Elderly Clients

Doris Hernandez, 29, was arrested after she stole 23 checks from the couple she worked for.

Greenwich Village »

Man Attacks 4 People With Spatula Outside Pizzeria, Police Say

Mohammed Hardy, 28, burst into a pizzeria looking for a knife, but he found only a spatula, police said.

St. George »

Man Steals Necklace from 79-Year-Old Woman, Police Say

The suspect grabbed the chain from around the victim's neck, police said.

Crown Heights »

Chain-Snatching Thief Rips Gold Necklace Off 71-Year-Old Woman, Police Say

The chain-snatching suspect is wanted for another similar robbery in Crown Heights this month.

New Dorp »

TJ Maxx Cashier Gave Away Clothes Worth More Than $6,000, Prosecutors Say

Eriola Krliu, 19, was arrested for not charging customers while working as a cashier, prosecutors said.

Midtown »

Woman Cashed More Than $3K in Bogus Checks in One Day, Police Say

The suspect hit three Chase banks in Midtown, police said.

Eltingville »

Man Steals Grandfather's Bonds to Buy Cars and Pills, Prosecutors Say

Robert Riley, 25, was arrested for stealing nearly $100,000 in bonds from his grandfather.

Richmond Town »

Lawyer Used Money He Stole from Cemetery to Cover $1M He Took from Clients

Timothy Griffin was charged with taking money to cover funds he stole from his clients' escrow accounts.

Midtown »

Head Cashier at DOB Indicted for Stealing $68,000, DOI Says

Charise Brody, 44, allegedly stole $68,000 from the DOB from January 2008 to July 2012, the DOI said.

Longwood »

VIDEO: Thieves Swipe Woman's Purse After She Drops It in Store, Police Say

The suspects are two men in their late teens to early 20s, police said.

New Springville »

Thieves Take $2K Worth of Purses from Staten Island Store, Police Say

Three women took 12 Michael Kors handbags from a Marshalls on Staten Island, police said.