Grand Larceny

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Great Kills »

Woman Arrested After She Gave Herself a Raise, Prosecutors Say

A 46-year-old woman was charged with grand larceny for paying herself an extra $22,381, police said.

Lower East Side »

Stranger Stabbed Man With Safety Scissors, Police Say

The attacker told the victim he looked familiar before injuring him, police said.

East Williamsburg »

Williamsburg Man Robbed After Letting Friend Sleep Over, Police Say

The thief took a computer and speaker from the Morgan Avenue apartment, police said.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Police Search for Suspect in Brooklyn Wallet Theft

The suspect used the victim's stolen credit card at a Walgreens, police say.

Lower East Side »

Man Running Shell Game on Subway Snatches $200 from Passenger, Police Say

The thief asked a 23-year-old woman for change and snatched cash out of her hand, police said.

Park Slope »

CRIME BLOTTER: Two Women Arrested For Park Slope Robbery, Police Say

The two stole Ray-Ban sunglasses from a 22-year-old woman, police said.

Fort Greene »

CRIME BLOTTER: Man Steals Traffic Officer's Pen So He Can't Write Tickets

The man had gotten a summons for biking on the sidewalk in 2013.

Park Slope »

CRIME BLOTTER: Burglars Hit 3 Park Slope Apartments on Same Day, Police Say

Burglars struck Park Slope three times Aug. 6, according to police reports.

Downtown Brooklyn »

Man Cashes Stolen Checks and Withdraws $2K, NYPD Says

The suspect was caught on surveillance camera at a Chase bank in Brooklyn, police say.

Williamsburg »

Man Steals from Williamsburg Roommates After Helping Them Move, Police Say

He took a backpack filled with a MacBook Pro and Bose headphones.

Bed-Stuy »

Serial Chain Snatcher Robbed Women at A and J Train Stations, Police Say

The suspect grabbed necklaces from three women during the morning rush hour in July, officials said.

Fordham »

$20K Stolen From Unlocked SUV While Driver Hops Into Bodega, Police Say

The thief, who robbed the SUV in Fordham, was not immediately arrested, police said.

Lower East Side »

More Than $21K in Property Taken from Woman's Bag, Police Say

A $15,000 art deco ring and a $6,000 Tiffany wedding band were part of the missing items, police said.

Park Slope »

CRIME BLOTTER: Doctor's Mercedes and Stethoscope Stolen Outside Shake Shack

The doctor's $2,000 Prada bag and prescription pad were stolen too, according to a police report.

Long Island City »

Man Steals Sleeping Woman's Cellphone and Jewelry at Queens Subway Station

The 61-year-old woman was robbed as she was sleeping on a bench in the E train station in Queens Plaza.