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Jackson Heights »

Gas Station Owned by Taxi Tycoon Hoards Fuel for Cabs Only

A gas station in Jackson Heights is refusing to sell to anyone but cabs.

New York City »

Gas Rationing Begins Amid Long Lines and Mounting Frustration at the Pumps

Lines of cars stretched from city gas stations Friday, despite a new odd-even rationing system.

New York City »

Nor'easter Slows Down Gas-Supply Efforts, Governor Says

The nor'easter that hit New York Wednesday has set back the schedule of gasoline supply.

New York City »

Drivers Make a Run for the Pump Ahead of Nor'easter

Drivers again faced long lines at the pump, ahead of the Nor'easter.

New York City »

How to Handle Gas Containers, Generators and Electric Heaters Safely

Read these expert tips on safely using alternative power and heating devices post-Hurricane Sandy.

New York City »

Gas Shortage Still Plagues New Yorkers After Hurricane Sandy

Drivers faced hours-long lines at gas stations across the five boroughs following the super storm.

New York City »

Cabbies Drive Out of State for Gas While Struggling With Fuel Shortage

New York cabbies are driving as far as Connecticut to fill their tanks.

Chelsea »

Chelsea Residents Frigid As Fulton Houses Regain Power, but No Heat

Residents have relied on open ovens, boiling water, layered clothes and donated blankets to stay warm.

New York City »

How to Find Gas in New York City After Sandy

Amid a widespread gas shortage, there are resources online to help you find somewhere to fill up.

New York City »

More Long Lines at the Pump, But Help is Coming, Governor Says

Gas lines continued to stretch for blocks on Sunday.

Crown Heights »

After 12-Hour Wait, Residents Turned Away When Nat'l Guard Runs Out of Gas

Dozens were turned away after 12-hour waits when the National Guard ran out of gas.  

New York City »

'We Do Not Have Control' Say Cops as Free Gas Truck Stops Become Chaos

Cans of gas were being resold for $150 and the free mobile trucks were already beginning to run out.

St. Albans »

Man Pulls Gun at Queens Gas Station as Cars Line Up for Scarce Fuel

Cars stretched in every direction in search of gas Thursday.

Flushing »

Investigators Tried to Protect Con Ed in Queens Explosion Probe

The state says that investigators handed over reports of the Flushing blast to a Con Ed consultant.