Fight Club

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Fort Greene »

'Fight Club' Outside Atlantic Center Mall Eyed by NYPD

A "fight club" organized on social media meets behind the complex with an OfficeMax.

Yorkville »

Vandal Spray-Paints Line from 'Fight Club' on Brand New Pedestrian Bridge

"I am Jill's nipple" was spray-painted on the new footbridge at East 78th Street along the East River.

Upper East Side & Roosevelt Island »

Teen Who Planted Bomb at Upper East Side Starbucks Gets 3.5 Years in Prison

Kyle Shaw, who pleaded guilty to planting a makeshift bomb in an apparent reenactment of the movie "Fight Club."

Upper East Side & Roosevelt Island »

Starbucks Bomber Inspired By 'Fight Club' Pleads Guilty

Kyle Shaw faces 3 1/2 to seven years in prison for setting off a bomb in an Upper East Side Starbucks.

Upper East Side & Roosevelt Island »

Teen Accused of Mimicking 'Fight Club' by Bombing Starbucks Offered 3 1/2 Years

Kyle Shaw, 18, who was reportedly a "Fight Club" fanatic, was charged with arson.