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Cuomo Wants More Money From the City to Fund MTA Capital Plan

The city says they already contribute the lion's share of the MTA's budget with no control.    

Times Square & Theater District »

Monthly Metrocards Could Cost $168 by 2023, Study Shows

Given fare hikes in recent years, monthly rates could leap 50 percent in 10 years, a new study shows.

New York City »

MTA Votes to Hike Fares and Tolls Again

Single rides will cost straphangers $2.50 and weekly MetroCards will cost $112 come March.

New York City »

City Council Wants Taxi Meter-Style Timers in Pedicabs

New legislation would force pedicabs to install timers and charge only by-the-minute fares.

New York City »

MTA Chief Mulls Eliminating MetroCard Bonuses

MTA Chairman Joe Lhota is considering scrapping MetroCard discounts.

Midtown »

34th Street Express Bus Barely Improved Crosstown Travel Times, DOT Says

The 34th Street Select Bus Service sped up travel times, but not by much, a new report said.

Manhattan »

TLC Considering New Roof Light System

The Taxi and Limousine Commission is considering a plan to simplify the lighting system that indicates when a cab is free to hail.

Manhattan »

East River Ferry Service No Longer Free Ride

Two weeks of free service on the ferry, which connects Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, ended Friday.

Manhattan »

New Bill Targets Pedicab Gouging

The legislation would force pedicab drivers to let riders know, in writing, how much they'd have to pay.

Manhattan »

'Secret Shoppers' Catch Cabbies Refusing Fares

The city is pushing to increase fines for cab drivers who illegally refuse fares after a gruesome incident in Midtown.

Manhattan »

Upper Manhattan Now Included in Plan to Legalize Hailing Livery Cabs

The mayor introduced the idea of allowing livery cabs to make on-street pickups in his State of the City speech.

Manhattan »

Disgruntled Straphangers Wake Up to Higher Subway Fares

A 30-day unlimited MetroCard will now cost $104, while single ride cards have jumped from $2.25 to $2.50.

Manhattan »

MTA Board to Vote on Fare Hike Proposals, Monthly MetroCards Could Go Up $15

The price of a 30-day MetroCard would increase by $15 under a proposal being considered by the board.

Manhattan »

City Council Passes Taxi Laws to Curb Crooked Cabbies

The new laws will force taxis to record and store all fare information and make it available to riders.

Manhattan »

New Tap-and-Go Payment Method to Connect MTA, NJ Transit and PATH

MasterCard PayPass technology now available across three separate area transit systems.