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Downtown Brooklyn »

Brooklyn Bridge Lane Closures Expected Over the Weekend

Both Manhattan-bound lanes on the Brooklyn Bridge will be closed this weekend and next.

Red Hook »

76 Precinct Plans Crackdown on Oversize Trucks

Over-length have been halting traffic and causing damage on Red Hook streets, officials say.

Hamilton Heights »

Hamilton Terrace Residents Push for More Intimidating Speed Bumps

Drivers zip past Hamilton Terrace as a shortcut to 145th Street.

Crown Heights »

Brooklyn Cafe Pushes for Bike Parking on Bustling Franklin Avenue

Little Zelda Cafe is teaming up with the DOT to bring additional bike-parking to Crown Heights.

Lower East Side »

City Puts Brakes on Controversial Greyhound Bus Stop on LES

The Department of Transportation will not move forward with the proposed stop near Seward Park. 

Lower East Side »

Pols Blast Controversial Greyhound Bus Stop on Lower East Side

Elected officials urged the city to find a new location for the recently approved stop on Essex St.

East Village »

'Bike District' in East Village, Lower East Side Offers Deals to Cyclists

Transportation Alernatives is launching the district with a map of bike-friendly businesses.

High Bridge »

Towering Public Staircase Attracts Litter and Crime, Residents Say

The winding staircase at E. 165 th St. is strewn with garbage and attracts seedy characters, locals say.

Lower East Side »

Plan for Seward Park Bus Stop Denied After Protests

Hundreds of local residents opposed the proposal for a curbside bus stop.

St. George »

Staten Island Ferry Could Bear Name of Rudy Giuliani

Rep. Michael Grimm asked that a new boat be named after the former mayor.

SoHo »

Crumbling Stone Crosswalks in SoHo Slated for Repair

The DOT plans to repair crosswalks on Mercer Street and Greene Street starting in the fall.

Corona »

Corona Students Paint Their Way to a Safer Intersection

Students at the  High School for Arts and Businesses painted a mural aimed at slowing down drivers.

Corona »

Pedestrian Plaza Brings Much-Needed Open Space to Corona

A new pedestrian plaza in Corona has neighbors enjoying the great outdoors.

Jackson Heights »

Jackson Heights Getting Year-Round Pedestrian Plaza on 78th Street

78th Street had been closed to traffic during the summer as a play street.

Midtown »

FreshDirect to Deliver Food on Bicycles

FreshDirect has a plan to launch a pilot program to deliver food on bikes as soon as next month.