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Residents Protest Cuts to M104 Bus Line

The bus line was "decimated" by service cuts in 2010 and 2011 and should be restored, locals said.

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Central Park Cyclists Hit Pedestrians 35 Times This Year, Police Say

Only one collision occurred between a car and a pedestrian, records show.

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'Poor Door' Building's Affordable Units to Be Luxury-Class, Developer Says

The affordable units will have high-end applicances and amenities, developers said. 

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Local Group Wants to Block Traffic Entrance to West End Ave.

The group WEPS wants to block southbound access to West End Avenue to curb illegal use by trucks. 

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Sunset Park Job Fair to Focus on Local Youth

The first "Youth Connect" event is being held Oct. 8 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Industry City.

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Wine Bar Accused of Attracting 'Internet People' Approved for Booze License

Riposo 72, which locals blasted for hosting online daters, had its sidewalk liquor license approved.

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Locals Want to Pull Plug on Bar They Say Attracts Online Daters

UWS residents said Riposo 72's bid to serve booze outdoors would expose kids to "Internet people."

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Picketers Rally in Front of Trinity School to Protest Expansion Project

Trinity House tenants protest the Trinity School's expansion plans. 

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Public Design Commission Approves Controverisal UWS Playground Redesign

The PDC said the Parks Department only has to modify three benches before it gives final approval.

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Locals Complain UWS Eatery's 'New Orleans' Facade Will Ruin Historic Feel

The team from Blue Ribbon and P.J. Clarke's wants to add large French doors and gas lamps to the facade.

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2 More Pedestrian Islands Coming to Deadly West End Avenue, DOT Says

The plan is part of an effort to redesign West End Avenue in light of two recent fatalities there. 

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Parks Dept. Delays Redesign of UWS Playground

Locals have battled over a redesign of the "dangerous" playground for more than a year. 

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MAP: 10 Most Dangerous Intersections for Pedestrians on the UWS

The data showed that failure to yield was the second leading cause of crashes. 

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'Forlorn' UWS Basketball, Handball Courts to Get $800K Renovation

The courts near Booker T. Washington M.S. have given way to homelessness and drug dealing, locals said.

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School Illegally Uses Parking Spots for Students' Chauffeurs, Locals Say

Columbia Grammar is using "no standing" spaces that were once open to the public, locals said.