child endangerment

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Gramercy »

A neighbor spotted the woman weaving and stumbling into traffic while holding her son's hand.

Midtown »

Bills intended to close a loophole that contributed to Myls Dobson's death didn't get support.

Upper East Side »

Natasha Harrow was charged with leaving the boy on East 86th Street at night.

Upper West Side »

A 25-year-old man was arrested for trying to lure three girls into his car near West Prep Academy.

Soundview »

Virgilio Ocampo, 33, was tracked down by police at a bus station in Louisiana, police say.

Forest Hills »

Giovanny Campos, 41, met a teen girl at a Christmas Eve party and later had sex with her, the DA said.

Riverdale & Kingsbridge »

A former teacher at the tony Bronx school surrendered on charges that he had oral sex with a student.

Greenwich Village & SoHo »

Bronx woman Jainaba Cham allegedly used her 2-year-old as a battering ram to hit store guards.

Manhattan »

Jeremy Fulton, 28, is expected to be sentenced to 22 years in prison.

Upper West Side & Morningside Heights »

Carolyn Taylor, 35, was in court on Friday to face charges she used her son to steal.