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East Village »

Con Ed Found 150 Illegal Gas Hookups in 2014, And Some Say That's Low

With 1.2 million gas customers, experts say Con Ed's figures might be low.

Downtown Brooklyn »

NYC Chain Stores See Biggest Influx in Past 4 Years, Report Says

Fast-food chains, coffee shops and mobile dealers are some of the city's largest national retailers.

East Harlem »

East Harlem Building Explosion Highlights City's Aging Infrastructure

The explosion and building collapse is one of several in Harlem in the last few years.

West Harlem »

Harlem Tops List of Neighborhoods With Streets in Bad Shape

A new study estimates that more than $47B would be needed to fix the city's infrastructure problems.

Bed-Stuy »

Probation Office Brings New Opportunities to Bed-Stuy Residents

The Neighborhood Opportunity Network is designed to help people on probation connect with local services.

New York City »

Bronx Sees Biggest Influx of Chain Stores Amid Citywide Rise, Report Shows

The growth of chain stores in New York accelerated in 2012, according to a new report.

Willowbrook »

Immigrants Own Most Staten Island Businesses, Report Says

The Center for an Urban Future said there are more self-employed immigrants than native-born.

Upper West Side & Morningside Heights »

Columbus Square Makes Room For Mom and Pop Amid Big-Box Stores

Winick Realty says it wants to bring mom and pop stores to Columbus Square, a retail complex full of big-box chains.