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Former Gov. Paterson Was "Out of His Time"

Paterson had nothing but high praise for his successor's handling of the budget so far.

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Bloomberg Pleads with Albany to Restore Budget

Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned of thousands of city layoffs if the budget proposed by Gov. Cuomo is passed.

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Bloomberg to Albany: You Cut Our Budget, Now Cut Our Costs

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday's budget plan strips the city of nearly $2 billion in state funding.

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Education, Medicaid Slashed as Gov. Cuomo Drops Budget Ax

The governor's newly released budget includes serious cuts, including $518 million less in education aid for the city.

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Bloomberg Warns That 15,000 Teachers Could Be Fired

Gov. Andrew Cuomo will announce next Tuesday how much education funding the city will lose.

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Blizzard of 2010 Will Cost City $68 Million, Report Says

The December blizzard that wreaked havoc on New York will also slammed the city's finances.

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Port Authority Cuts 200 Jobs, But Won’t Yet Raise Fares or Tolls

The Port Authority unanimously passed a $7.2 billion budget for 2011 on Tuesday.

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Budget Showdown Begins as City Council Resists Mayor's Cuts

The City Council is pushing back on new cuts to senior, youth and children's services.

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OTB Board Adopts Shutdown Plan For Friday

The New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation says it will shutter its doors if it does not obtain emergency funding.

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Good Shepherd's Flock Mounts Fight for School

Good Shepherd School alum, parents and parishioners are working on a proposal to keep the school open.

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New Yorkers Suggest Money-Saving Tips for the City

New Yorkers share ideas for a new online suggestion box.

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Feds to Provide $18.5M for NYC Dirty Bomb Detection Program

The Manhattan program, which has been criticized as ineffective, is the nation's only dirty bomb detection system.

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Politicians Return to Albany for Extraordinary Session on Budget

Paterson called for the extraordinary session to pass the final part of the state budget, which is now 119 days overdue.

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Charging for Garbage Collection Is Still on the Table, Mayor Says

With budget pressures mounting, Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he won't 'rule out anything.'

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City's Election Board Says It Can't Afford 2010 Elections

The board says it doesn't have the cash to run both the primaries and general.