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Washington Heights & Inwood »

Good Shepherd's Flock Mounts Fight for School

Good Shepherd School alum, parents and parishioners are working on a proposal to keep the school open.

Midtown & Theater District »

New Yorkers Suggest Money-Saving Tips for the City

New Yorkers share ideas for a new online suggestion box.

Manhattan »

Feds to Provide $18.5M for NYC Dirty Bomb Detection Program

The Manhattan program, which has been criticized as ineffective, is the nation's only dirty bomb detection system.

Manhattan »

Politicians Return to Albany for Extraordinary Session on Budget

Paterson called for the extraordinary session to pass the final part of the state budget, which is now 119 days overdue.

Manhattan »

Charging for Garbage Collection Is Still on the Table, Mayor Says

With budget pressures mounting, Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he won't 'rule out anything.'

Manhattan »

City's Election Board Says It Can't Afford 2010 Elections

The board says it doesn't have the cash to run both the primaries and general.

Manhattan »

State Senate Passes Bill to Stop MTA Layoffs, Citing Safety Risk

The bill says that leaving stations unattended "encourages our enemies to exploit a perceived 'weak link.'"

Manhattan »

Voters Don't Blame Mayor for Budget Woes, New Poll Shows

A poll finds that Mayor Michael Bloomberg has emerged relatively unscathed in the public eye from his service-slashing 2011 budget.

Manhattan »

City Council Passes Budget, Saves Fire Companies and Slashes Social Services

The vote comes a day after the State Legislature took a giant leap toward passing its own budget.

Manhattan »

David Paterson Says He "Has Regrets" About Dropping Election Bid

Gov. David Paterson told a radio show he regrets dropping out of the governor's race months ago.

Manhattan »

Legislature Passes Majority of Budget, Paterson Vetoes Education Spending

The legislature and governor are still at odds over how to balance the budget, which is now 89 days late.

Manhattan »

No End in Sight for State Budget Stalemate, David Paterson Says

Gov. David Paterson predicted that another week-long budget extension bill would be required after June 20.

Manhattan »

Keeping 210 Subway Station Agents Would Cost $40K a Day, MTA Says

The MTA will hold public hearings over proposed station agent cuts but makes no promises about holding onto jobs.

Downtown »

Wall St. Earnings Fall More Than 20 Percent in 2009, Study Says

A 21.5 percent drop in Wall Street wages could have a devastating affect on the local economy, according to a new report.

Manhattan »

Michael Bloomberg Announces Teacher Salary Freeze to Avoid Layoffs

The mayor said that he will not provide the 2 percent raise, which had been promised to city teachers and principals.

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