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Civic Center »

Synthetic Marijuana Makes Users Act 'Totally Crazy,' Bratton Says

More homeless people have been taking the drug in the city, according to officials. 

Boerum Hill »

A Doomed Deli's Grassroots Publicity Stunt: Going 'Artisanal'

Thanks to its patrons, Jesse's Deli isn't going down without a grass-fed, locally-sourced fight.

West Harlem »

Find Cam'ron's Cereal Boxes With $100 Bills Planted in a Bodega Near You

There will be four "Killa Crunch" cereal boxes hidden in bodegas each day from Friday until Sunday.

East Harlem »

Health Food Summit Connects Advocates With Bodega Owners

The FRESH Food Retail Summit, held Friday at Hunter College, connects nonprofits with businesses.

Williamsburg »

Mexican Coca-Cola Craze Has New Yorkers Clamoring for Sugary Import

Why restaurants and bars are stocking the imported fizzy stuff that hipsters, and others, crave.

Greenwich Village & SoHo »

Thieves Film Knifepoint Greenwich Village Deli Robbery

Three thieves filmed the Saturday morning deli robbery, during which they stole an employee's cellphone.

Harlem »

Harlem Bodegas to Get Special Refrigerators to Carry More Fruits and Vegetables

Bodega owners in Central Harlem are being sought to install the units to carry more healthy food.

Harlem »

Veggie Vans Slated to Sell Fresh Produce in East Harlem

Scott Stringer is expected to announce plans to have Veggie Vans visit senior centers and housing projects in East Harlem.