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Richmond Hill »

The newborn child was found in a Nativity scene meant for Baby Jesus, a source told DNAinfo New York.

Wakefield »

Angelikque Sutton was fatally stabbed and her daughter torn from her stomach, reports said.

University Heights »

Jennifer Berry was charged with murder in the death of her newborn baby girl. 

Midtown »

The woman went into labor while traveling through the tunnel from Hoboken. 

Jamaica »

The victim had their 2-month-old child strapped to her chest.

Cobble Hill »

The child got locked in a safe in a Niagara Falls hotel on Tuesday.

Brooklyn Heights »

The baby was found locked inside a safe in a Canadian Howard Johnson Hotel, police said.

Sunset Park »

The group of three fled in a white minivan after the mother refused, police said. 

Pelham Gardens »

The baby was taken to the hospital with head trauma and injuries on his body, police said. 

Midtown »

Prosecutors said it was the second baby Tiona Rodriguez, 18, had attempted to dispose of. 

Downtown Brooklyn »

Glass shattered onto pedestrians from the window of a building, witnesses and FDNY said.

Soundview »

Daphane Saunders claimed men hit her child with bats, then admitted she dropped the baby, police said. 

St. Albans »

A toddler died on Monday after she was severely burned in a bath given by a caregiver, police said.

East Flatbush »

Two men pointed a gun at the baby boy and threatened to kidnap him if family resisted,  police said.

East Harlem »

Police rescued a newborn baby boy after he was accidentally locked inside a car by his mother Tuesday.