Attempted Murder

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Soundview & Castle Hill »

Teen Indicted for Shooting 8-Year-Old Boy at Bronx Deli

Eduardo Rodriguez is facing up to a decade in jail for allegedly shooting Armando Bigo in a Bronx bodega.

Murray Hill, Gramercy & Midtown East »

Lenny's Sandwich Staff Slashed Colleague's Throat Over Girlfriend, DA Says

Prosecutors said two employees of a Lenny's in Midtown cut another worker's throat over a girl.

Midtown & Theater District »

Cipriani Cook Found Guilty of Assaulting Woman He Threw Into 'R' Train

Jose Rojas, 26, was convicted of first-degree assault and faces up to 25 years in prison.

Williamsburg, Greenpoint & Bushwick »

'Evil' Cop Shooting Suspect Luis 'Baby' Ortiz Indicted

Luis "Baby" Ortiz has been indicted on charges he attempted to murder Brooklyn cop Kevin Brennan.

Harlem »

Miguel Padilla Sentenced for Shooting Boy In Parking Space Fight

MIguel Padilla fired opened fire on an East Harlem street and grazed a 13-year-old boy in the head.

Midtown & Theater District »

Maksim Gelman Pleads Guilty to Times Square Subway Slashing

Maksim Gelman pleaded guilty to slashing Joseph Lozito in Times Square.

Upper West Side & Morningside Heights »

Mom Who Tossed Baby Daughter in Hudson Takes Insanity Plea Deal

Devi Silvia, 34, admitted to tossing her 19-month-old child into the frigid Hudson River last year.

Upper West Side & Morningside Heights »

Bipolar Mom Who Threw Baby Into Hudson River to Get Insanity Plea Deal

Devi Silvia, 34, could escape jail time in lieu of being committed to a mental hospital after allegedly trying to kill her 19-month-old daughter by throwing her into the Hudson River in May 2010.

Upper West Side & Morningside Heights »

Three Shot in Front of West 90th Street Building

Three teens were shot in front of 175 W. 90th St., near Amsterdam Avenue, on Nov. 18, 2011.

Harlem »

Harlem Ex-Con Arraigned in Connection to Basketball Star Murder

Terique Collins, 24, was arraigned Monday in connection with the murder of 18-year-old basketball star Tayshana Murphy.

Upper West Side & Morningside Heights »

Shooting Suspect Squeezes into Garbage Chute to Hide From Cops

Preston Powell, who stands 6-foot-2 and weighs 165 pounds, wedged himself inside a West 90th Street apartment building's trash chute to evade capture, police said.

Harlem »

Man Charged with Attempted Murder in Attack on 82-Year-Old Aunt

Larry Brown, accused of mugging his aunt, Mazie Garris, was charged Thursday with attempted murder.

Midtown & Theater District »

Man Accused of Midtown Bar Attack Backs Out of Plea Deal

Mbarek Lafrem refused to enter a guilty plea on Thursday as was expected of him.

Harlem »

Alleged Police Shooter Held Without Bail

Matthew Melendez, 18, allegedly claimed he shot into the air to "scare off" police.

East Village & Lower East Side »

Man Accused of Shooting His Cousin in East Village Dispute

The man allegedly shot his cousin during a fight inside their East 2nd Street building last week, police said.

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