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Staten Island Chuck Keeps Out of Mayor's Clutches and Predicts Early Spring

The furry prognosticator was enclosed in a Plexiglas case and was not picked up by the mayor. 

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Mayor Jokes About Being 'Wrapped in Platinum' to Avoid Groundhog Day Mishap

The groundhog, Staten Island Chuck Died after the mayor dropped her last year.

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10 Festive Things to Do in December

The city is full of events during the holidays, including a train show and a giant gingerbread village.

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Baby Crocodile Lizards Born at Staten Island Zoo

Seven Chinese crocodile lizards were born at the zoo this month.

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WATCH: Staten Island Chuck Impersonator Died After Being Dropped by Mayor

The groundhog died of internal injuries after the fall, the New York Post reported.

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Meet the 8 Animals Keeping NYC Cute

From a barking deer to grazing goats, the city is full of curious (and cute) creatures.

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Adorable Newborns Charm Visitors to Staten Island Zoo

Two cavies, the fourth-largest rodent in the world, were born at the zoo earlier this month.

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'Tawny Frogmouth' Bird to Perch at Staten Island Zoo

A 7-month-old male Tawny Frogmouth, an Australian species which resembles an owl, is coming to the zoo.

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Giant Tortoises Latest Addition to Staten Island Zoo

The zoo has unveiled the new Galapagos tortoise exhibit.

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Adorable Baby Anteater Wins Hearts at Staten Island Zoo

MJ, a southern tamandua, was born on Jan. 12 at the West Brighton zoo.

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Mayor Drops Staten Island Chuck, Groundhog Predicts More Winter

The furry meteorologist predicted six more weeks of winter after being dropped by Mayor de Blasio.

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Groundhog Who Sank Teeth into Bloomberg Set to Meet New Mayor Sunday

Staten Island Chuck had a testy relationship with the last mayor.

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Runaway Baby Red Fox Returned to Staten Island Zoo

The red fox was caught in Brighton Heights on Sunday night, zoo officials said.

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Baby Red Fox Escapes from Staten Island Zoo

A 7-month-old red fox named Montana burrowed out of the Staten Island Zoo.

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Staten Island Zoo Raising Money to Buy Massive Cassowary Birds

The zoo hopes to raise $20,000 to buy two of the enormous, rare birds.