Staten Island

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Arrochar »

Man Pistol-Whipped in Staten Island

Police say Brendan Smith hit another man in the face with a gun.

Civic Center »

Transportation Advocates Call for Clocks to Show When Buses Will Arrive

Transportation advocates are calling for countdown clocks to let riders know when a bus will arrive.

Red Hook »

Staten Island Men Arrested for Stealing 84 Cases of Beer

Two men who work for a beer distribution company stole $2,500 worth of suds from their employer.

Bulls Heads »

Staten Island Woman Dies in House Fire

A 61-year-old Staten Island woman died during a house fire Saturday.

South Jamaica »

Service Changes to Disrupt 16 Subway Lines This Weekend

Construction and maintenance work will bring changes to 16 subway lines and the Staten Island Railway.

Bed-Stuy »

Bed-Stuy Boutique Owner Keeps the Neighborhood 'Fly' With Shop Expansion

The owner of Bedstuy Fly bought the Townhouse Beauty Salon next to his 287 Ralph Ave. shop.

Civic Center »

Kelly Outlines Beefed-Up Security for This Year's Marathon

Additional bomb-sniffing dogs, NYPD scuba divers and police helicopters will be used at this year's race.

Rockaway Beach »

New Multimillion Dollar Beach Bathrooms Already Starting to Fall Apart

The structures, built after Hurricane Sandy, are going down the toilet with rust, cracks and leaks.

Civic Center »

Elderly Brooklyn Man Dead from Heat Stroke

The 84-year-old man died from overheating on July 21.

New York City »

Three More Deaths Related to Last Week's Heat Wave

Eight people have died in the city so far this summer from hyperthermia.

Jackson Heights »

Immigration Reform Advocates To Project Message on NYC Buildings

The first stop will be Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights.

New York City »

Backpacks Banned for Five Boro Bike Tour Riders After Boston Bombings

It was not immediately clear if spectators would be allowed to have bags along the race route.

New York City »

NYPD Will Release Non-Toxic Gas in Subways for Airborne Weapons Test

Police will release non-toxic gas into 21 subway lines this summer as part of a study.

Park Slope »

Park Slope Hurricane Sandy Relief Kitchen Still Feeding Thousands

The Hurricane Sandy Relief Kitchen at Old First Reformed Church still needs donations and volunteers.

New York City »

Council Tries to Prevent Katrina-Like Debacles As Sandy Victims Raise Homes

Council members are hoping to prevent issues seen in New Orleans, like shady contractors.